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Online dating safety tips you must know.

Online socializing can provide a great opportunity to have fun and flirt with other like-minded people. However, as with many online contact media, there can be pitfalls. Here’s how to avoid common dangers and stay safe whilst having fun while social networking.

Keep your private self, private

When you enter the world of online chat and dating, it’s important to bear in mind that not everyone is everything they claim to be. Of course, there are plenty of genuine people who want the same fun as you do, but there are also those who are out to make mischief.

Don’t use your real name when you create a profile, and carry on all communication through the messaging facility of the site itself, rather than giving out your personal phone number or email address. Never give away information about where you live or work.

Webcam chat scams

Unfortunately, there are a few scams to be aware of when using chat rooms and contact sites.

In one scam, the person you’re chatting with tells you that they desperately want to buy a webcam so that they can progress your online flirting to another level and start dating ‘face-to-face’ online. The problem is that they don’t have any money. The ‘mark’, i.e. the victim, sends the scammer money to buy the webcam, the scammer then vanishes without a trace, taking the money with them.

The best thing to do in this case is to walk away and politely decline further contact. After all, there are plenty of genuine people out there just waiting to be discovered, so don’t waste your time an energy on scammers.

In conclusion

Social networking sites are a great place to enjoy some fun and build relationships with like-minded individuals, but be wary of the possible dangers of chatting and online socializing with strangers. Always keep your personal information private, never send money to anyone, no matter how tempting the request may be. 

Check out the BYBER blog for more savvy tips on dating. Why not download the app now and get ready for some great fun and maybe even a new romance!

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Top 4 misconceptions about online dating

Technological advancements have made life more comfortable, and one of them is dating online. Contrary to what some may think, online dating is a great tool to meet new people at the click of a mouse. In a technology-driven world, unfortunately, some people are still afraid of online dating. There is a level of stigma attached to it which is primarily founded on misconceptions. Let’s review some of these misguided views that may be holding you back from trying online dating.

It is for desperate people and losers

Most people assume that online dating is for unattractive people or those who are socially awkward in real life. In truth, there are tons of people who are successful, attractive and have excellent social skills, but they lack time to meet people hence the preference to dive into online platforms like BYBER.. 

Everyone online is a liar

Identity protection is mostly of significance when trying online dating. What most online characters lie about could be their physical appearance or age. Offline dating also has its challenges as someone can lie about their educational background or even profession. The bottom line is that a liar will always lie whether online or offline. If you think someone lied in the first instance of you chatting with them, then it’s up to you to discontinue the relationship. 

3. Online dating is easy

Online dating platforms have become tranquil havens for lazy people who think they’ll find it easy over there. It can be daunting even for the physically attractive individuals. It requires strategy and effort if you wish to succeed. If you are not ready to up your messaging game, set up an appealing profile and upload great profile pictures, your efforts might be futile.

Online relationships end up in breakups

A common misconception is that offline bonds are likely to last than the ones built online. Apparently, online couples are more likely to stay together than offline couples </a> because computer algorithms are helping them for compatibility matching. The online couples also have a chance to know each other better before finally meeting in person.

While online dating is an excellent opportunity for single people, you still need to try it with realistic expectations and a less belief for the listed misconceptions. Byber </a> is a dating app that will let you meet singles like you that might maybe lead to a long-term relationship.

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4 unusual dating tips you haven't heard before

Dating is tricky! Most of the dating tips you've seen online are probably just rehashes of what you already know, but here are four dating tips you probably haven't heard before. 

Start off with relaxation

If you have some time before your date and you're not running straight from work, relax before your date instead of getting amped up. Instead of stressing out about what exactly you're going to wear and then running late, wear an outfit you've worn before, one which you know looks good on you. 

Take some time before getting ready to put on a face mask, read a book, or perform another favorite relaxing ritual that you have. It'll calm your nerves in advance, and your date will notice. 

Don't play it cool

Don't try to impress your date! This might sound counterintuitive, but it's actually not. When you try to impress someone, you're not likely to show off your true personality. Instead, don't try to impress them. Just be who you are, and see if you hit it off then. You'll make them more comfortable, and you're more likely to get an accurate read on whether you actually like each other. 

Focus on your body language

Body language plays a big role in interpersonal relationships – bigger than you might expect! Your body telegraphs subtle signals that let others know how you're feeling. You might not even notice that you're doing it, but you can certainly get a feeling for someone else based on their physicality. 

Focus on making your body relaxed and open – that is, not crossing your arms or otherwise closing yourself off. You'll seem engaged in what your date has to say, and not bored or uninterested.

Be fully engaged

Yes, even when they talk about how much they love their job as an insurance auditor. Be fully engaged in what they're saying by making eye contact and asking follow-up questions. Don't look at your phone or otherwise signal disinterest. 

This works for two reasons: firstly, if you're engaged in what they're saying, your date will see you in a more positive light. Most people just want to be heard, so actively listening to them helps them feel good about themselves. The other reason this is a good strategy is that engagement and active listening are important skills to have everywhere in your life, not just in dating. If you know from the start that this date isn't for you, it's still a chance to focus and practice active listening.

Follow these tips or check out the BYBER blog for more advice when it comes to dating. BYBER puts the fun back into dating, so download the app now to start your search for love!

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4 tips to keep in mind when looking for love online

Dating, on its own, is complicated enough, but introducing the mystery that is online dating can make it plain intimidating. However, virtual dating is quite fun and easy when approached in the right way. So, how do you go from signing up to finding the perfect match in the online dating world?

Here are a few things you need to know when looking for love on the web.

Your profile picture

It certainly takes strategy to stand out in the vast sea of online daters. And the first step towards achieving this is through the creation of a great profile – which, obviously, includes a great photo. So, what makes a great profile photo? As a rule of thumb, leave out group photos that make it difficult for potential suitors to identify you. Instead, get a headshot in which you are smiling. Your profile photo should be all about you. Do not have more than five photos in your profile and be sure to include one that captures your entire body.

Your profile

Your primary goal is to create an engaging profile that not only makes you stand out but also attracts interest and makes other people want to know and, possibly, meet you. To achieve this, you need to “talk about yourself in anecdotes.” Instead of mentioning that you love to travel (which most people will do), talk in detail about your favorite destinations. This will give your audience a richer picture of who you are. Use uplifting and positive tones, while steering clear of sarcasm.

Figure out the major deal breakers

Truth is, we all have a thing or two we certainly do not want in a partner. Coming up with a list of reasonable deal breakers, such as lack of clear goals in life or drug use, at the onset of the relationship can help you avoid heartbreaks down the road. This is also an opportunity for self-reflection. Personal habits such as orderliness, punctuality and thriftiness are some of the most common deal breakers.

Getting ready for the first date

At some point, you will need to meet for a real date. When that time comes, you will definitely want to make a great first impression. Here are the basics: dress modestly, be polite, be a great communicator. Even if the first date does not go as planned, do not worry. Everyone's been there. Still, on a first date, it is important that you know more about your date before meeting them. And this has nothing to do with stalking or being creepy. A little online research should help you vet your date and stay safe when meeting them. A simple search in the public records can help you verify whether your date is really who they say they are.

Virtual dating presents a unique and convenient opportunity for individuals to meet new people and potential life partners from the comfort of their living rooms, or mobile devices. One great platform for online dating is BYBER – an online dating application designed for users who are in the mood to meet someone new, or just interact with friends. Get BYBER today and connect with old friends while enlarging and enhancing your social life.

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Choosing the perfect profile picture for online dating

It's one of the most daunting tasks which we encounter on dating apps like Byber: determining which picture should be our profile picture. Although most of us would rather not be judged on a single picture alone, we know that it's important to catch the eye of potential matches. The real question is, how do we best attract the attention of other users? Do we go with a picture that shows us doing something that we're passionate about? Or do we go for the most flattering and good-looking picture?

Skip the extreme close-ups and cropped pictures

When it comes to dating app pictures, the least successful pictures are those that have been suspiciously cropped to exclude exes and friends. On a similar note, extreme close-ups perform poorly. Most likely to get matches are full body or landscape-style pictures. Potential matches like to see all of someone, so that they don't feel like something is being hidden - whether it is a former flame or a person's body type. 

To smile or not to smile? That is the question

Many of us are never sure whether to grin or keep a straight face when posing for a photograph. The answer to that question may have gotten clearer. Studies show that when it comes to dating apps, men prefer a picture of a woman smiling (that sultry pout may be less popular than we thought!). On the other hand, women prefer a picture of a man whose face shows emotional reservation and restraint. 

Show yourself having fun.

Another type of photo that yields plenty of matches? Those which feature dating app users participating in fun activities, such as sports, outdoor excursions, or nightlife. They're more likely to yield matches with similar interests. Not only do such photos depict users as real people with more to offer than good looks; they can also be great conversation starters. 

Ultimately, though, it's important for you to choose a profile with which you feel comfortable, and which you think will attract like-minded individuals. Represent yourself in a way with which you are comfortable with a picture that makes you feel confident.

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How to organize a bar crawl for friends met online

You may face challenges meeting new friends while juggling work and life. One way you can meet and have fun together is by organizing a pub crawl. This is an excellent social activity where a group of people or friends enjoy nightlife while engaging in a drinking spree. Here is how you can organize a successful pub or bar crawl.

Prepare a guide

Early preparations help you choose the best outlets to enjoy your evening. Consider places that don’t usually overcrowd since you’ll be moving in a group. Research and make inquiries that will guide your decisions, such as if the bar serves people in groups. Similarly, check the proximity of pubs to each other and select a route with minimal movement. You can use technology such as the Google Maps app to find best routes and design your movement patterns.

Have a theme

Drinking needs no theme, but having a theme will make it more fun. Do you have any new-found common interests that would work well, such as a favorite color? Branded hats or clothing can also help you identify each other quickly when in the wild and within a crowd. 

Include food

A commonly observed rookie mistake while pub crawling is avoiding anything that isn’t liquid. It is crucial to stop over for a meal or two as you engage in the adventure. Food acts as a good foundation for drinking and will prevent you from puking up and regretting why you even went out. Don’t skimp on food but remember to notify the group when it’s eating time.

Include fun games

Remember a pub crawl is not a sprint, but a marathon. Some of the games may sound silly, but they're meant for adults and can leave you in stitches. Try games such as fuzzy duck, three-legged crawl, rulebook, etc. Each activity should have adequate time. 

Don’t get wasted too early as everyone will remain clueless about what’s happening. Remember the main agenda is to build a relationship and bond, but drinks only form part of this experience. Try Byber, and you can end up meeting new friends.

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3 reasons to always go on a second date, and the one time you shouldn't

Dating can be tricky. It can be hard to meet someone, no matter what your approach is. And even when you meet someone you think you like on Byber, it can take a long time to get to know them! That's why that if you're looking for a serious relationship, you should see someone more than once. Here are three reasons to give someone a second chance – and one important reason not to. 

First dates are nervewracking

Almost no one likes first dates! Even if you previously connected via dating app or a quick chat, first dates often feel like interviews where no one is in charge. Awkward questions like "So do you have any siblings?" and "Tell me more about tax auditing" can keep a conversation going, but are rarely the kind of things that connect people. On a first date, everyone is more self-conscious than usual. 

It takes time to get to know someone

Some people believe that love only blossoms out of long friendships. The reason, they argue, is that it takes time to really get to know someone, and only after you are aware of and accept the other person's flaws can you truly begin to love them. When looking initially for a romantic partner, many people ignore flaws that might be a big deal later on because they're focused on finding love from the start. 

People's personalities come out as you get to know them, so giving a potential date a second chance is a good way to get to know who someone really is. 

People connect over shared experiences

Going to dinner can be an enjoyable experience, but people really connect when they have the chance to build up shared experiences. You might find on your third date that you can connect back to something that happened on your first date, and that's a great way to start building a relationship. Try to focus on dates where there's an activity at hand so you really share some unique experiences. 

When NOT to go on a second date 

If you're sure from the first date that there's just no chance – if they express offensive opinions, for example – listen to your gut. While most people are well-meaning, never go on multiple dates with someone you don't feel safe or comfortable around.

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4 ways to get what you want out of online dating

Without a doubt, online dating can be daunting. No matter how you see it, there’s always an endless stream of prospective partners who can outcompete you. While you may be excited meeting new people online, you might forget a few key elements that can guarantee online dating success. Here are just a handful...

Understanding what you want

Think of what you want to achieve before you start online dating. Whether you are after a casual or serious relationship, you need to be honest with yourself. Your profile may present you as a person after a serious relationship, but in truth, you are not. Having such a goal will determine the kind of people that will eventually be attracted to you.

Try finding out what they want

In this age of online dating, you need to stand out from your competition. While several people are on byber and many other dating sites for long-term relationships, there will always be a small percentage of individuals looking for something a little less serious. A person who’s only after hooking up may suggest a “movie and chilling” at your place or theirs, which in reality is a code term for sex. Try to establish meaningful grounds to your relationship through chatting for at least a few weeks before meeting up, during which time you can try to ascertain whether they have the same motives for online dating as you. You will soon be able to weedle out those who have different objectives.

Temper down your expectations

Some people assume online dating attracts liars, but that is not true. Go into every new encounter with an open mind. With that in mind, take any profile photographs with a pinch of salt. Everyone has a best angle and will naturally post these images online - it's wise to remember that when uploading your own photos too! Above all, remember not to judge a book by its cover. The best gauge as to whether a relationship will work is establishing a genuine rapport and meeting in person, so temper your expectations from the off.

Accepting rejection

If one of you doesn't click, this isn't a bad thing - after all, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Sadly, some people don’t take “no” for an answer. Not all conversations will lead to a date, and not all dates to anything long term. When you're online dating, realize that the person on the other side is also human and has interests, feelings, and preferences. Be respectful of their choices and don't try to force a relationship; you'll be much happier if you put that energy into finding the person who is right for you.

Online dating can be a minefield, but it's also deeply rewarding when you make a connection. The golden rule? Show respect to your prospective dates and treat them as you would wish to be treated. If you’re single and available, why not get the byber dating app and see who's out there for you today?

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Top five online dating tips for single moms

Single moms are entitled to happiness. However, most single moms often feel insecure and nervous about dating again. The general feeling is that kids inevitably complicate everything. Nevertheless, it is possible for single moms to date successfully and even begin a lifelong relationship. At Byber, we have listed some tips to help single moms successfully date online.

Being freaked out is normal

Since this is almost like a new experience, you may feel some butterflies in your stomach. You may also feel nervous when you want to tell your date about your child. But understand that having kids is not a stigma when dating someone online. In fact, women with children receive more messaging responses than childless women. ( It is no longer a secret that you have to keep.

Create a profile about you

When building your profile, focus on who you are. Although having kids does not impede your chances of attracting someone, your profile is an opportunity to speak about yourself, and your own hobbies and interests.

Be open about your kids

Talking about your kids on your profile is one thing, but mentioning them while chatting is another. Moms who mention their kids while chatting have a higher response rate. ( So, let the conversation flow naturally and allow the other person to know what is important to you.

Go slowly

One of the reasons why single moms are afraid of dating again is because of the fear of being hurt. When you have been hurt severely, it may be difficult to believe good guys still exist. Don’t feel rushed - take your time and trust your instincts before finding the most suitable person. 

Prepare your kids

It is essential to think through when and how you will introduce the person you’re dating to your kids. Similarly, it is critical to find babysitters you trust to watch over them while you go out on dates or begin visiting them more often.

Byber gives single moms an opportunity to find and meet new people from the comfort of their home. Visit to find out how you can join and begin your dating journey.

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Essential tips to succeed in online dating

Online dating is perhaps among the most celebrated inventions the world has seen. Think of it as a tool where you register, create a profile, search people you like, and start conversations with them. But within all this fun fair, you need to follow these essential tips if you want to be successful in the online dating game.

Ask yourself if you’re ready to start dating

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you are serious about dating. Whether you’re looking for a partner after a recent separation or you're looking for your first real relationship, you still need to be open about the idea. Before beginning this journey, make sure you’re committed to the course. If you are not ready, don’t start dating someone.

Create an interesting profile

The best way to create your profile is to convey a message of sincerity and vulnerability. Don’t write your bio in a way that praises you or tries to impress. Remember this is not a CV and you are not auditioning someone to be your partner. 

Avoid being Google-able

You need to maintain your safety as you engage with people on dating apps and sites. Be careful what you pass out to people as that info may trigger them to track you. Things like job titles and personal details shouldn’t be given out. Similarly, use an image that cannot be easily found online.

Maximize your Sunday afternoons

Research says that most users login into dating apps on Sunday afternoons. You need to set aside at least 30 – 45 minutes in the evening to respond to messages and check out profiles. You can set limits or goals for yourself which will turn out to be fruitful in the long run.

Keep your options open

You need to be honest with yourself and realize that most online users speak to more than one person at a time - you shouldn’t take this personally. You should also talk to more than one person in your private messages and only arrange to meet after at least four message exchanges.

Finally, find a good dating site

Here, you will need time to research and find something that addresses your needs. Remember to read the terms and conditions to ensure your security and privacy. A dating app like BYBER  you will help you meet people just like yourself.

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