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5 tips for effective communication in a relationship

Communication is the conveyance of information from one place to another. When you are in a relationship, effective communication helps you to explain what you are going through or what you need to someone else. Communication process not only allows you to meet your needs but it also enables you to become more connected to your partner and invested in your relationship. To facilitate effective communication while dating, here are four tips to help you build a lasting relationship.

Have customary bonding time

Avoid spending all your free time together just watching TV or involved in other activities. Try and hang out together just talking and showing affection to each other. Hanging out in this way builds the kind of closeness that will promote honesty and vulnerable conversations.

Address emotions as soon as you can

Whether it a positive or negative issue that's bothering you, never delay talking it out. Ensure you calmly describe how or why you might be feeling this way. If you are asked, "What's bothering you?" you should never respond with "Nothing" or any other non-committal answer. This is because your issue can't be resolved if the two of you don't know the full story.

Set your expectations early

If there is anything that you want out of the relationship, or feel is an essential quality in a partner or a relationship, make it known as early as possible. Also, share if you regularly need some alone time or if you want to be monogamous and if consistent sex is a priority for you. Ensure you open up about all your relationship concerns from the start through action and communication. Ensure you encourage the other party to share their expectations too.

Essential talks should be in private and in person

Although face-to-face conversations may be uncomfortable, it's the only appropriate way they should be addressed. Emails, phone calls and SMS may not be the right mediums since a lot can be misunderstood and lost through text. But in-person conversations give an ideal time for both parties to explain their part. You MUST avoid public confrontations since you will not put your partner at ease by having an emotional conversation while people are watching and risk making a problem worse.

Never make assumptions

Avoid jumping to conclusions about why your partner acted in a particular way or making assumptions about how he or she feels. A simple question could well save you a lot of headaches and may get your partner to open up to you. In short, it can drive you insane to dwell on a thousand different possibilities. 

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Embrace these five tips to building effective communication in a relationship and the dating process will run much more smoothly and be more enjoyable. If you're still looking for the one, why not get started on Byber dating app today?

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Top signs you're in love with the right person

It is true that most of us have undergone our fair share of heartbreaks and we are always left wondering how it would feel to fall in love with the right person. But when it happens, you’ll realize that the waiting was worth your time. Everything you knew about falling in love will suddenly shift. Here are some of the things and feelings to expect once you fall in love with the right person.

Expectations of perfections are absent

Any true and real relationship will not be perfect. However, while the ties with your soul mate may not be perfect, they will be the perfect fit for you. Each relationship has its own set of problems, but what matters in the end is that you’d still want to be together even during tough times.

You’ll feel valued

The right person for you will not only express love through words but also through actions. They will go out of their way to ensure you feel cherished and communicate how lucky they are to have a special person like you.

Your negativity changes

We often carry negatives from our past experiences and relationships which make us doubt our abilities and potential. However, real love can quickly make you see the positive aspects of your life rather than the negative.

You’ll love yourself even more

Once you learn to love and value yourself more, you’ll also be in a better position to love your partner. Weaker relationships will always challenge your self-worth, but a stronger one will always teach us to value ourselves. The main reason for this is because your partner will make you realize how important you are to them as a whole. 

You feel free but work as a team

Relationships should be all about feeling free to explore what's important to you without being made to feel guilty, but at the same time they should also be built on firm foundations of teamwork and honesty. If you are in the right relationship, you won't struggle to work together or to achieve personal growth and happiness. The strength of the relationship is co-dependent and each individual’s strength lies in the quality of the relationship.

True love will always make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and teach you how to balance them. Falling in love with the right person cultivates a unique sense of joy and hope. If you’re looking for true love, a dating app like Byber is an excellent place to begin your journey.

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Five signs a second date is a great idea

If you’re single, you know how hard it is to get a second date. Oh, there are plenty of first dates, many even turn into hour-long conversations. At the end of the day, though, no matter how much you like the other person, there’s just no spark. Then, there are times the other person just isn’t into you as much as you thought. You’re left wondering how you didn’t know. Not every encounter goes from a quick drink to a long walk, followed by intense kissing in the parking lot. Here are five things that indicate the first date will likely lead to a second one, and hopefully more.

You think they’re hot

Give it a little time. Sometimes, you might not be immediately attracted to someone, but then they have an amazing personality or a super sexy voice. This goes both ways. If they aren’t looking at you “that way,” there isn’t going to be a second date. 

You are laughing (a lot)

You shouldn’t hear the clock ticking or remember what was happening in the venue better than your date's conversation. Boring people are an energy drain. So, if you or your date are not laughing, shut it down fast.

They ask intelligent questions about you

During the conversation, is your wannabe paramour listening and asking for more details? Someone who isn’t interested will listen without probing to learn more about you. However, when people ask questions about your life, there are interested in getting to know you better. That’s second date gold.

They talk about more than themselves

People who are self-absorbed can go on and on about their friends, their pets and the morning commute. Look for a partner who actively participates in conversations about world events and topics you are passionate about. When you are on a date with someone who’s engaged and excited, it’s fun. It makes you want to know more about them. Score!

They're positive and open-minded

No one wants to date someone who hates everything and thinks everyone else is stupid. Try to keep conversation positive. A negative person will turn every topic into a diatribe of why that restaurant, person or football player sucks. Leave them in their cloud of negativity and don’t look back. If your date offers thoughtful opinions and tries to look on the bright side of most issues, you’ve got yourself a successful second date candidate.

If you're looking for a dating app that works, try BYBER to meet someone great without visiting a single bar.

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5 Top ways to avoid the dreaded friendzone

Ever wondered if nightmares come true? The friendzone is the most prominent proof. Guys hate how girls conveniently mislead and cage them into believing they’re interested in a relationship while in truth they aren’t. This phenomenon typically happens to decent people who haven’t always even had the chance to voice their feelings out loud. What hurts most is the thought of losing out when the problem was fixable. So, what can you do to avoid falling into this trap again? Continue reading below.

Flirt with her

Flirting is a fun and playful way of letting a woman know you’re into her without being blunt. You can use your natural charisma to flirt with her by taking an interest in her hobbies and showing your sense of humor. If you have confidence issues flirting with her in person, try messaging her using dating apps like Byber.

Avoid being the one doing the chasing every-time

Note that this doesn’t involve waiting for two days to reply to her messages or canceling plans with her as this is being plain rude. Pay more attention as to who is doing the pursuing more. If it’s you over 90% of the time, then you’re slowly setting yourself as a desperate person who will always be available. Stop pursuing her aggressively for a while and watch what happens. If she starts texting or calling you to ‘check on you,’ you’re safe. If she doesn’t, well – too bad for you, sorry.

Avoid certain topics with her

Avoid engaging with her on topics of her exes, her long-distance boyfriend, or her crushes. You shouldn’t tolerate it; otherwise, you’ll become her new BFF.

Take her on a date

Be brave and ask her out on a date. Your bravery to ask might be the secret potion for her allowing you into her life. Rejections are part of the game and shouldn’t discourage you in future. If she says no, try again after some time until you’re sure you aren’t what she’s looking for.

Don’t jump in with your feelings

At least in the first instance, you should refrain from telling her how you feel. You should save it for special occasions like during a date in a conducive atmosphere. Tell her bit by bit and make her wait for more from you.

Even as you pursue her while avoiding the dreaded friend-zone, observe how she responds. If she shrinks away from you, you don’t have to look stubborn or creepy. Don’t be too forward unless you’re receiving some positive signs from her. If you feel she’s almost friend-zoned you, simply walk away and look for another girl who’ll value your love.

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Why do men play mind games? Understanding men

Men are best known for playing games, and some women do too. Decoding a man’s mind is probably the hardest thing which leaves most women frustrated and mad. A few days may have passed since the last date, but he hasn’t called since, and you wonder why. You risk coming off as needy and decide to send a text which goes unreplied even though it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon. Hours later, he responds with an excuse of a hectic workload and promises to see you soon. That is the last time you hear from him, leaving you with numerous questions.

Makes the dating game more fun

While other women will close the relationship door at the sight of games, some don’t. As long as the woman is interested, her eyes will be fixated on the man. To a certain degree, women look at men who play games as both interesting and smart. And you know the deal between women and intelligent men.

He’s afraid of exposing his vulnerability

If you confront a man who hasn’t decided whether he’s getting serious with you or not, he’s most of the time feeling confused and playing games with you in the meantime. Emotionally insecure men play these games as they try to assess themselves. He’ll also resolve this technique just to see if you will understand him.

Commitment fears

You’ll notice he’s closer to you than ever some days and gets wholly disconnected on other days. It may seem intentional but this back and forth behavior is what men do while weighing whether to commit or not. Baggage from past relationships or benefits he might lose from ‘being single’ might be in play here.

He's uncomfortable being asked personal questions

A man will play games with you to avoid being cornered or pressed. This is a defensive mechanism men use subconsciously. Ask him directly about his past relationships, and he’ll deviate from the topic or keep quiet entirely. 

To deal with this, evaluate the situation to determine whether the man is worth the trouble. If you decide to keep on seeing him, try as much as you can to understand him. You need to hold off intimacy until a guy’s intentions are clear and a single date won’t inform you of much. If he contacts you often through messaging or through a dating app like Byber but never really asks you out, he’s got a different agenda altogether. Once you feel you understand him, you can go ahead and address the situation directly. 

There are many single men so don’t be fooled by men who play these games. Remember you deserve the best and men that aren't on the same page as you shouldn’t waste your time or energy.

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Looking for someone special online? Here are some tips to nail your first experience

For those trying online dating for the first time, it may not be everything one imagined it would be. Online dating is the new norm today thanks to apps like Byber. Once the sole residence of the hopelessly lonely, the desperate and the socially maligned, meeting someone online has become the preferred method of connection for current generations. It's fast, it's easy and thanks to the advent of smartphones, it's possible for anyone to jump into the dating pool with both feet.

That said, it makes sense that you would want to get it right on your first experience with online dating right? Well, here are some tips you should consider following to ensure you nail your first online dating experience.

Tip #1: Be honest

It goes against most of our instincts to let it all hang out when we're trying to meet someone, but it's a good idea to be as genuine as possible when it comes to online dating. This is especially true when it comes to what you want. If you're looking for serious commitment, don't tell people you want to date casually. If you're a heavy smoker, don't say you do it socially. If you don't like dogs, or you have kids, let people know that. You'll get better results that way.

Tip #2: Be polite, and actually say something

Tact is an important thing when it comes to online dating. Too often we get used to single-letter abbreviations, and we forget that there are real people on the other end of our screens. So, ask yourself what kind of message you'd like to receive. Would someone with a half-empty profile sending you a complete message reading "hi, sup?" intrigue you? Or would you click that delete button and move right along to more interesting prospects? 

Tip #3: Use the sites geared toward what you want

This is the most important part, you need a reliable dating site dedicated to finding you the best match and above all a site you can trust. While most dating sites are a mixed bag that will appeal to a general dating pool, there are some sites that are specifically geared toward certain wants and needs.

Byber, for example, is the best dating website if you’re looking for an online relationship that will lead to something serious. It is generally seen as an app for people who are looking to date actively and immediately.

There's nothing wrong with dipping a toe into a bunch of different sites to see whose paths you'll cross. That said, you should try BYBER today and try your luck at finding someone special. When a community is geared toward your age group, your location or your preferences, you're going to get better results a lot more often than by using a tool that doesn't really appeal to the sorts of partners you're seeking.

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First date ideas for men: bowling date night

So you've just met a girl you like on Byber, and she's agreed to go out on a date. However, you’re keen to avoid the good old restaurant date because you know how formal, stagy and uninspiring it can feel. If you want to have fun while you get to know each other, it helps to pick an activity you're both likely to enjoy. So why not go bowling? Compared to other common date ideas, you can talk a lot more, laugh more and generally have a good time on a bowling date night. It’s a great way to get to know each other, and you might even learn a thing or two about the sport. 

The following tips (for men) can help you plan for a great date night experience when you go out bowling:

Pick the right day

It’s important that you schedule your date on a night that isn’t too crowded or hectic. Going on a date means you need some space to talk and get comfortable with each other. You may need to call the bowling center ahead of time to find out which days would be the best for your date. Saturdays should generally be avoided because not only will the place be crowded, but probably a little more expensive too.

Keep it light

Whether or not you are very good at bowling, you are there with your date to savor the experience, not to compete. So keep the competition between you light. If she understands the game a bit better than you, let her teach you. And if you understand the game better, show her how it’s done without making too much of a big deal out of it. You can use the bowling competition to get a little romantic. For example, doing a strike will be worth a kiss, while a spare means getting a hug.


Bowling presents a great opportunity to initiate some physical contact. You can try the old “let me help you” trick, where you get behind her, hold her hand, and help her bowl the ball down the lane. If you manage a strike, great, and if you don’t, who really cares? Through physical touch, you’ve just increased the attraction level between the two of you.

The great thing about bowling is it doesn't need to take up the whole evening either. That means if you hit things off, you're free to carry on the conversation over a meal or drinks.

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4 ideas for a date you'll never forget

Of all the dates you’ve been on in your life, which ones do you still talk about today? While bars and pubs are great places to meet people from a dating app like Byber - they are public, safe, you can talk one on one and have a few drinks to settle the butterflies - they all follow the same formula. Unless something really interesting happens, you’re likely to forget them. So, shake things up a bit! Here are some ideas to make your dates a little more interesting.

Cocktail-making class

If you’re keen to keep alcohol in the mix, try a cocktail-making class. These have been surging in popularity lately, and are not too expensive. You’ll get to work together creatively, picking ingredients that you both like and finding a name for your new invention. There will be fun, laughs and spills aplenty - and, of course, you get to drink the fruits of your labor, too.

A morning rave

If you’re a morning person and are looking for the someone who shares this love of the morning, weed out the night owls by suggesting a morning rave. Starting around 8am, these are fairly similar to their night time counterparts - the bar only serves smoothies and soft drinks, but you get a packed dance floor and happy people all around you, dressed in their finest party-wear. They are so popular now that they often attract big-name DJs.

Indoor skydiving

It’s hard to persuade someone you’ve never met to jump out of a plane. However, you can get an equally impressive adrenaline spike from indoor skydiving. Studies have shown that when people do fear-inducing activities together, it helps them bond. The fact that you helped each other through a scary experience help build rapport. 

10 venues challenge

How many venues do you visit on a typical date? One or two, maybe? Time to step this up a notch! Take the 10 venues challenge - as the name implies, you visit 10 different places in one date. Be creative here - you don’t have to visit 10 bars! You could stop at a museum, or do a tour de food and order a starter to share in a few restaurants. You’ll have packed so much experience into one night that you’ll feel like you’ve known each other for much longer than you actually have.

If you're ready to try out some of these date ideas, why not start messaging people on Byber now to find that special someone?

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Love languages: the importance of knowing each other's love language

Online dating is not your typical day to day dating. While online dating can create strong relationships, they can also easily break if you don’t understand each other’s love languages. However, you might be wondering what love languages are?

The 5 Love Languages were identified by Gary Chapman as being the unique ways in which humans give and express love. When it comes to each other’s needs in a relationship, most couples will speak one of these languages the best. So, how can you make your relationship work with love languages?

What are the Love Languages?

• Words of affirmation - the person who speaks this love language is most comfortable speaking and hearing verbal words to communicate love. These affirmations are usually in the form of compliments or praise.

• Acts of service - this love language involves performing tangible tasks for your loved one, like preparing meals or taking care of the trash can.

• Receiving gifts - if your love language is receiving gifts, you express your love by giving people thoughtful presents, and you expect them to do the same.

• Quality time - with the 'quality time' love language, you need to spend one-on-one, intimate time with your loved one to feel loved. This means a lot more than just sitting at home watching TV. It involves face to face, meaningful interaction.

• Physical touch - those whose love language is physical touch need to feel like they're in contact with their loved one. They might need to hold hands and be more physically affectionate to feel and express love.

Why is it important to know your partner's love language?

Since everyone expresses love differently, it's vital to know what your partner's innermost expectations are to avoid disappointment or miscommunication. For example, if your partner speaks the language of "physical touch", it would be extra hurtful to that person if you didn't make the effort to maintain physicality.

For another example, if your partner's love language is "quality time", gifts and contact simply aren't going to cut it. This person would feel most appreciated with some quality one-on-one time, like with a scheduled date night he or she could look forward to. Find a laid-back bar, a fancy restaurant, a great hiking trail; anything to get that quality time.

It doesn’t matter if you met the person on Byber, it's never too early to turn that wonderful online experience into something real. You have the ability to make the relationship long-lasting. Whatever your partner's love language happens to be, what's most important is that you respect their need to give and receive love in the way that makes them most comfortable. Learn to speak their language, and see how positively it impacts your relationship. 

Are you looking to meet the love of your life? Someone who shares and understands your love language? Byber offers you a broad range of options. 

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Ways to cultivate real intimacy in your relationships

Online dating is a tool that arrived to enhance human interaction. However, it’s not a quick fix for real intimacy. What online dating platforms do is that they help us attract individuals with similar needs and intentions. Consequently, we’re able to create stable and lasting connections. But the responsibility of creating real intimacy remains on us. Factors such as time can enhance intimacy. Time, coupled with the following, can help you establish a lasting relationship with your date and bring them closer to your heart.


Men think in terms of the destination while women think in terms of process or journey. Men often think building intimacy begins at the actual date while women understand romance starts before the actual date. For women, how you ask her out for the date, how you communicate the excitement of the date, compliment her appearance, and the kind of conversation you hold on the actual date all contribute to verbal intimacy.

Openness and honesty

It is universally attractive to express ourselves for who we are and be seen that way. From the onset of your relationship, make it your purpose to have open and honest communication. Often, this begins as early as your profile by stating what you’re genuinely looking for. It is easier to pretend who we are especially when we project what a potential mate may be looking for in us.

Emotional power

Emotions play a significant role in building intimacy. However, we feel distant from one another when our lives are facing turmoil. Most people would instead react in anger and frustration when we feel our mate is acting out negative attitude or character. This only agitates the entire situation and build walls between us. Instead, show your partner that you'd love and care for them no matter which emotional state they'll be in.


Empathy goes hand in hand with emotional support as well as open and honest communication. Human beings can only communicate honestly if they have empathy for themselves. And if we learn to give compassion to ourselves, we’re able to give it to others. People feel a connection develop if they sense they’re being received empathically.

Remember all the power to build intimacy is in you. If you need to meet new people and build lasting relationships with them, visit 

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