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4 easy and effortless ways to meet someone new

Meeting new people can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle, where you put a lot of effort in and don't get much back. This can be particularly frustrating if you've been dating for a while now without much luck, or you don't have a lot of free time to devote to looking for someone. If dating has started to feel tiring lately, take a look at these easy ways to meet new people that require little effort on your part.

Through a dating app

What easier way to meet new people than through a dating app like BYBER? Get to know someone from the comfort of your own home while sipping a cup of cocoa, without having to look your best or deal with the pressure of a face-to-face meeting. By talking online to begin with, you can find out whether you're both compatible before arranging that first date.

In bars

If you've been off the dating scene for a while, bars are a great place to build your confidence back up with minimal effort. Simply stand at the bar sipping your drink, make eye contact with whoever you're interested in and wait for them to approach you - easy. And if you're tired of seeing the same old faces, don't be afraid to try out some new places.

Through mutual friends

Get your friends to do all of the matchmaking for you by asking whether they know anyone you might be interested in. From their brother's best friend to a work colleague or someone who's just moved to town, you might be pleasantly surprised by who they suggest. Ask them to organize a casual dinner party or group date; all you have to do is show up!

While running errands

We all have errands to run, places to go and things that we need to do every week, from grocery shopping to walking the dog or hitting the gym. By being in the moment, aware of who's around you, open-minded and willing to chat, you may just meet someone in the most unexpected place.

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How to handle rejection

The worst fear anyone has when it comes to throwing themselves back into the dating scene, is the thought of getting rejected. While concerns are obviously warranted, it's important to be realistic and understand that this could happen once in a while. Rejection hurts your self-esteem, but you shouldn't allow yourself to get caught up in the misery of it all. Below are some tips and advice on how to face rejection and come out on the other side.

Allow yourself to grieve

It can be hard to find a sense of understanding when all the plans and effort you had put into the relationship go to waste, after realizing that they were ‘not really into you’ or they weren't looking to get into a relationship all along. The best thing to do is to take some time off and process. In some cases, when they're just not ready for a relationship quite yet, there may even be a chance that they could eventually warm up to you if there are already some feelings there. However, there's no point in just sitting around hoping! Take the weekend off, go out with some friends or hang out with your family - but don't spend this time alone. Getting preoccupied with other things takes your mind off those negative feelings. 

Talk to someone who understands

Share your feelings with a trusted friend, counsellor or therapist. It's important to look for encouraging words or advice that will help you figure out what went wrong. Don't complain about it on social media either, as you will find that a lot of strangers will not offer genuine support, and you could end up feeling worse.

Respect their decision

It's always important to remember that no means no. The earlier you accept your ex-partner's decision, the less painful the process will be for you. It's also a sign of emotional maturity, so if you want to leave your ex-partner with positive memories of you as an individual, refusing to fight against the decision they've made is crucial. Remind yourself that the rejection is not personal, but rather a reflection of where your partner is in their life. Their decision does not speak negatively of you in any way. 

Learn from the experience

Reflect on the actions and advice you have received, and take time to realise what you have learnt from this event in your life. You could discover that your actions might have in some way led to your partner's rejection, or as is more likely the case that the other person simply wasn't the perfect fit for you. 

After you have fully come to terms with rejection and are ready to move on, it's important to think about meeting other people. One easy way to find like-minded individuals also looking for romance, is through BYBER. The new connections you make will help remind you that life can be fun again - you just have to be ready to find that out.

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Keeping the conversation going with an online date

Most people who claim to have found love online will tell you that talking to your match for the first time is a terrifying experience at first, especially if they are beautiful. In fact, most studies show that many online relationships fail at the beginning because the participating parties freak out and start the conversation by telling lies aimed at building their financial and social character. 

Don't worry! There are already existing ways to keep a conversation going online, while still maintaining your personality:

Ask questions

Studies show that most people are comfortable talking about the things they know. Start the conversation by asking your match about who they are, where they're from, and what they do for a living - keeping personal safety in mind, of course. 

Some of the topics that you can concentrate on include work, family, interests, and generally whatever is socially acceptable within the society that the two of you live. The key is showing a lot of positivity while receiving these answers and reciprocating by telling them your take on the said topic.

Follow up on your conversations

The idea that the person you are talking to can recall some of the topics previously discussed is a desirable quality. It shows that you were not only listening, but also paying attention, especially to small things such remembering names and places mentioned within a conversation. This quality goes a long way in getting the person you are talking to open up to you. It also presents an excellent opportunity to begin a new topic of conversation.

Share about yourself, too

Periodically disclosing your day to the person you are talking to brings the person further into your life. Telling them about a crazy night out, the relationship between you and your family or how tired you are from a long day is very advisable. If things are going well between the two of you, don't shy away from asking for their phone number to keep in touch more easily, but always put safety first. Who knows? This might be the first step towards the next step: a face to face date!

If you're in the mood to chat to some new people online and see if sparks fly, check out BYBER now!

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Blind dates: Why they are so risky

Stepping into the dating scene is a huge risk to take. Just like riding a bicycle for the first time, the chances of going on a blind date are numerous. What makes these occasions particularly terrifying is the unknown. Naturally, people fear situations that they haven't encountered before, and for blind dates, it's a matter of how they look or act.

You didn’t choose them

If you have gone through the experience of internet dating and haven't found it pleasant, then your next hope might be in being set up. Parents and friends typically set you up with suitors they think you might find attractive and their intentions are good, but if they don't know your type, then you might be headed for a disaster. Before you start planning your escape, find out a little bit about the other person. Details like their occupation or how old they are can help to gauge the kind of person you're going to meet. So after all the preparation you've done, why are you still anxious? 

Having high expectations

Perceptions are everything to us. We like to make a good first impression, and the same exact thing reciprocated, right? Most people don't make great first impressions, so they easily get turned away. Bad habits like showing up late, asking very personal questions and not dressing up for the right kind of date are a turndown. These things are what makes blind dates so risky and scary. When we set the bar too high, we often get disappointed when others don't meet our standards. It's important to set neutral expectations. That way you either get impressed or not, but in either case you realize that you did not put too much thought into it.


It's very normal to feel a little anxious about meeting someone new. Let's face it, we're not all as charming and charismatic as the next guy, but being overly worried won’t give off a good first impression. You know why? Because when you’re anxious, you tend to get too chatty or drink too much. Blind dating is taking a huge risk, like walking into a dark room and not knowing where the furniture is. The easiest way to put your best foot forward is to remain calm and keep the conversation flowing.

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3 tips for those matches without initial attraction

You may have experienced this phenomenon either at work or school: as you become fonder of someone you weren't interested in at first, your interest in them starts rising and they become more and more attractive to you over time. 

The trick behind this is that, despite a lack of initial physical attraction, the admirable qualities that these people hold make them more likeable to you. Maybe you started to love the way they dress, their sense of humor or their interest in your work, to mention but a few. And, because of this, your affection slowly transitioned into a fatal attraction. 

You can also create the same impact in the exciting world of online dating with three easy tips:

It's okay to wait a little while to meet up

Being brutally honest, some of your matches aren't people you think are jaw-droppingly hot when you first see their profile pictures. But, in the same way that people who you know in real life get more attractive as you get to know them, it's a good idea to get to know someone better through messaging or talking with them before you plan an official date. 

Keep exchanging funny videos or links to your favorite songs and show off your sparkling personality. A sense of humor is almost universally attractive, so even if you're not the most confident in your looks, your magical personality should help you seal the deal. Meeting in person will only help - face to face conversation is the best way to find if you and your date click.

Never compare your matches to each other

No matter how deep a connection you think you desire with people, it's impossible not to judge them, at least on some level, based on their looks. If you compare your matches to each other based on physical appearance, you'll probably be doing some of them a disservice - looks aren't everything, and personality matters. Even comparing your matches' profiles for interests and hobbies is a poor substitute for how they truly are, so give them a shot based on their individual merit.

A cool personality matters

When you're about to schedule a date with a new person, your personality counts a lot. It's natural to feel self-conscious about your appearance, but try and focus on qualities beyond those that are skin deep. Get in a party mood to have some fun and show off your best side - all the unique qualities that make you increasingly likeable and attractive toward your date. They won't hesitate to ask you out for another date next time!

Want to boost your attractiveness more for that special someone? BYBER is a hot new dating app in town that lets you find matches with sparkling personalities just like yours. Simply download the BYBER app and find love in a busy city at any time!

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3 things you should know if you've never dated before

Maybe a highly demanding career left you with no time for a social life. Perhaps the only person you've ever loved was your childhood sweetheart, so you never really did the whole dating thing. A lack of confidence, feeling anxious or simply not being ready could also be why you've never dated before.

Whatever the reason, you're definitely not alone. Getting to know someone can be even more daunting when you're completely new to the dating game, so here are a few things that should give you the confidence to arrange your first ever date with that person you've been messaging on BYBER.

It's OK to be nervous

It's natural for even the most experienced daters to be nervous the first time they meet someone. Remember that no matter how cool, calm and collected your date may seem, they'll no doubt have a few jitters too. Just let the conversation flow, stick to easy subjects like favorite music or where you grew up, and don't worry about any awkward silences – there's bound to be a couple on a first date!

Just be yourself

Don't obsess over what the other person will be thinking about what you're wearing and how you're coming across. You want someone to like you for who you are, which means feeling completely comfortable with them without putting on an act. Just be yourself and if they don't like it, it doesn't matter – someone else will.

Don't take rejection too seriously

Getting rejected is all part of the dating game, so don't take any knock backs to heart; after all, you probably won't meet the right person straightaway. So if you get a message saying they'd just rather be friends, they cool off after what you thought was a great date or (the lowest of the low) you never hear from them again, don't let it crush your confidence. The best approach to disappointment is to not take things too seriously. Brush it off and get right back on BYBER. 

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6 tips for successful online dating

It does not matter whether you need a refresher on how to enhance your profile or are new to online dating, the advice you receive here will help you realize success. 

Your profile photos speak volumes

Profile photos score big for you. Post photos with smiling faces as it generates a first impression. Smile as you look straight into the camera. Show your teeth in an open, confident, healthy and friendly manner. 

Keep the photos fresh and swap the primary photo regularly - admirers who gave you a pass before are more likely to give you a second glance. The photo should look real life; do not airbrush to avoid confusion. 

Stay safe when online

Treat online dating like you would a stranger you meet in real life. Before you give them more information like vital personal details, think first about the dangers that action presents. Exercise caution with the things you say concerning yourself, as the information can help track you on other social media platforms. Therefore, do not use a profile photo that appears elsewhere on the internet, to protect your privacy. 

Send the first message

This enables the person take a second look at the profile. Write a few introductory messages to other new admirers. Keep the message short and do not use heavy talk. Avoid bringing your emotional baggage at this point in time. 

Be more active on Sundays

Sundays are the best times to stay online. It is the peak time for users, especially on Sunday afternoons. Dedicate at least half an hour every evening for online dating. Set a limit and make each effort count. 

Have an open mind

In online dating, expect to speak to few people at once. Just be honest and you can set a meeting to find out whether there is enough chemistry. Get to your first date as fast as possible. It only requires exchanging two or three messages before you suggest a meeting. Face-to-face meeting enables you to know if you have feelings for each other. 

Keep going

Online dating is an enjoyable experience and enables you to meet more friendly and nice people, some of whom you do not fancy. You might go on 30 different dates before you meet that special someone who makes your happy. Keep your hopes up always and enjoy the dating process.

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The four biggest first date worries (and how to deal with them)

Dating is an exciting time, yet many of us worry about how our first date will go. Although everyone panics about different things, we have picked our top four worries and have explained how you can deal with them successfully. 

What do you wear?

Just like any social function, many people get hung up on what to wear for a first date. A good start is to look up the place you're going. Many restaurants, bars, clubs, and other businesses listed on Yelp or Google will have pictures of patrons inside. Also keep in mind what day of the week it is. A Wednesday dinner after work might be more laid back than drinks on a Saturday night. If you're still unsure, there's no shame in just asking your date what they're wearing. If they picked the place, they will likely have a good idea of what the dress code is. 

What do we talk about?

What to talk about really depends on how well you already know each other. It's always a good idea to have some conversation starters in the back of your head. If you know the person through a friend or have them on social media, you can also try to find out what they're interested in, so you know what they might like to talk about. You can always start with topics that you've already discussed in messaging. 

Who pays?

The classic dating uncertainty: who is supposed to pay? No matter your feelings on this, it doesn't have to be as awkward as it usually is. It's always polite for both parties to pull out wallets and offer. As a good rule of thumb, assume that whoever asked for the date can pay if they insist. That way, the next date can be the other person's chance to ask and pay. 

What do we do after/when does it end? 

Sometimes dates trail on for hours because you're really enjoying each other's company and sometimes they don't - both are fine! If you're really not having a good time, have an excuse to leave when the date is over. A friend who's on standby to call you or another planned event after can help make getting away a little less awkward. If it's getting late but you did have a good time, you can talk about planning another meet-up, so you have something to look forward to.

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Getting back into the world of dating

If you haven't dated in some time due to a long-term relationship, or a busy lifestyle, getting back into the swing of things can seem intimidating at first. Here are a few tips to help you overcome your anxiety and learn how to get the most out of your dating experiences.

Just be yourself

Remember that you should always be honest about who you are, and what your expectations are. Being up front with people will help prevent awkward situations and miscommunication. If you aren't authentic and project yourself as someone you're not, you are just going to waste your time. The point of dating is to find someone you have chemistry with, but that is going to be impossible if you aren't being yourself. Just remember what the point of dating really is, and make sure you find people who mesh well with your personality. 

Don't lead people on, be honest

If you aren't feeling a connection, honesty is the best policy. Politely let the other party know that you have enjoyed spending time with them, however, you don't feel there is potential for anything to develop between the two of you. Most people appreciate honesty, and value their time. They would prefer to hear the truth than being led on because you are hesitant to tell them you aren't a match. Once you get the hang of gently letting them know, it becomes easier. 

Enjoy your experience

It can be nerve wracking to jump back into the world of dating. Try to remain calm and make a genuine effort to have fun while dating. Once you get used to the etiquette and ins and outs of dating again, it can prove to be an exciting time in your life that offers fun and adventure if you are open to the opportunity. Sometimes we all need to loosen up and enjoy life a little.

If you haven't dated in some time, you may be apprehensive about meeting new people. Just keep in mind that you are there to have fun and see if there is a connection between you two. Even if you don't find romance, you might just make some great new friends along the way. If you haven't checked out the BYBER yet, you should give it a try. Why not see who is looking for someone just like you to spend time with, and possibly find a match.

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Three simple things to do on a first date to make a good impression

So that man or woman you’ve been chatting with on that online dating site has finally accepted to meet you on a date? For many people, a first date can turn out as the best day of their lives, or the worst. It could make that meeting the start of a long term dating relationship or the shortest time you’ve ever known someone. When you meet someone through BYBER, and you feel like they are the one you’d been waiting for, chances are you want to be in a relationship with them. However, how you conduct yourself on the first date directly determines whether you ever see them again. Here are three simple things to do on a first date to make a good impression.

Plan the date

One mistake people make is having just one idea for a date. To increase your chances of developing a chemistry and also to avoid the awkward silences that come when you’re just sitting in one place all day, you need to have more than one plan for the date. You should have a couple of places to go to, such as the museum, movies, bars, and even a concert. Make it exciting for your date. 

Remember it's a date, not a therapy session

When you go for that date, remember it’s not a job interview. Your date is not there to hear how good you are at what you do. Also, your date is not there to hear about your issues and give you advice. No. You should treat your date like a date. Also, do acquire many topics to talk about and make sure they are ones you’re versant with and strike a balance in all the topics. Become interesting. 

Don’t ask those lethal attraction killer questions

It’s okay to experience anxiety on a first date; after all, you don’t know the person and don’t know if they will like you. However, you don’t want the other person to see you as desperate at the same time. You need to stay away from attraction killer questions like “what do you think of me so far?” or “do you think we’re eligible together?” Sounding desperate is a big turn off for very many people looking for a relationship. Avoid the impulse to ask even if you feel anxious about how you’re fairing.

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