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Why finding dates on mobile apps is easier than in person or on websites

We rely on technology in every minute of modern-day life for a variety of basic functions. Businesses use computers with inventory management systems to keep track of where products are flowing and when they need to order more. Schools utilize learning software to help their students learn more quickly and faster than ever before. Individuals looking for dates also use dating apps on smartphones to choose from a wide number of potential dates, sort through them with various criteria, and for an easier dating experience than trying to find interested singles in person.

Here are several ways that finding dates is easier on smartphones with mobile dating apps, rather than doing so in person, on your computer, through blind dates, and virtually every other possible method of meeting other singles.

Mobile apps are more convenient

Smartphones are seemingly in the hands of most people all day long, this is especially the case for the younger generation. Mobile apps can be accessed with a few taps, and loading instantly thanks to modern technology. As such, mobile dating apps are more convenient than computer programs, setting up blind dates days in advance, and trying to find dates at bars or clubs which can all become rather slow and tedious processes.

Apps allow you to pick and choose

Dating apps allow people to choose exactly who they get messages from. People can only get messages from those that they have mutually 'liked', which lowers the chances of you having to speak to individuals you're not interested in. This is a function that many online dating sites just haven't considered, which means singles on those sites often find themselves inundated with messages from people they'd never look twice at in the real world.

Mobile apps are straight to the point

Traditional dating websites are notorious for asking copious amounts of questions for their users to sign up. Even if they don't ask seemingly-endless lists of questions, dating sites' profiles are always longer than those of mobile apps. Through a mobile app, hopeful singles can search through more profiles than on dating sites, increasing the chance of them finding dates.

BYBER is a popular mobile dating app that singles all around the United States are using to hook up, date, and just hang out with new people. BYBER utilizes Google Maps to share locations of bars, clubs, and beaus, so as well as discovering great new people, you can also discover new places to hang out!

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4 underrated aspects of online dating

While you don't have to search very hard to find an article running down online dating or bemoaning the good old days when it didn't exist, its enduring popularity and continuing evolution is a testament to how much the internet has become an inseparable part of our lives. With that in mind, here are 4 aspects of online dating that remain highly unappreciated.

It widens the potential dating pool

If you were to say 20 years ago that you could potentially date anyone in your city, your conversation partner would probably think that you were just speaking metaphorically. Online dating has turned that into a literal truth. With the innovation of dating websites and apps boasting nearly universal enrollment, the chances of finding the right person for you have multiplied astronomically.

It effectively screens out unsuitable partners

You know what your deal breakers are. Online dating gives you not only the ability to tactfully put these non-negotiable elements out front but compels you to do so. This honest and open declaration of what you expect from your partner is a much healthier way to begin a relationship than the uncomfortable shuffling of priorities that characterized dating in the past.

It puts dating back into your hands

While in the past decorum may have compelled you to grit your teeth and go out on a hopeless date just because a friend or relative set you up, the advent of online dating has given you the agency to determine your own dating strategy. When Aunt Petunia is adamant that you are perfect for her tennis partner's doctor, you can politely let her know that you already have plans thanks to online dating.

It makes dating fun again

It should come as no surprise that dating is stressful, and meeting a new person can be nerve-wracking. However, online dating has the benefit of giving you as much time as you need to speak online before making that fateful decision. With this added comfort, the first-date jitters and the question and answers sessions are often shelved in favor of skipping right to the fun.

Want to rediscover the freedom and joys of online dating for yourself try BYBER. 

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3 conversation topics you should always avoid on a first date

Things have been going really well with someone you've been talking to on BYBER, and now you've arranged that all-important first date. Great! It's natural that you're probably feeling nervous, but sometimes nerves can cause us to blurt things out that we would never normally say. The last thing you want to do is offend your date on your first ever get-together, so here are a few topics you should definitely avoid.

Negative comments about their appearance

Even if they look completely different to their online picture, their hairstyle doesn't look right or you can't understand why they've turned up wearing that hideous Hawaiian shirt, don't be tempted to drop any hints about your disapproval. Chances are your date has spent a long time in front of the mirror getting ready with the hope of impressing you, and you don't want to make them feel uncomfortable. Think about how offended you would be if they made any comments about how you look, and always keep their feelings in mind.

How much you're dying to get married and have kids

Even if you've been talking for a while online, it's best to keep to lighter topics on your first date, like favorite movies and music. They might seem like the person you've been waiting for your whole dating life, but coming on too strong too soon could scare them off, or make you seem slightly desperate. Just sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know someone without thinking too far into the future.

Details about their dating life

Try not to get too hung up about your date's dating life straightaway. Although you'll probably be curious to know how many dates they've been on recently, how many relationships they've been in or how long they've been single for, the truth may only make you worry, which will definitely put a downer on your date. Save those questions for later on, when you've got to know them a lot better and could perhaps see something long term progressing.

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5 ways to improve your openers.

How do you break the ice once you've come across a profile that piques your interest? It's one of the greatest questions since the dawn of time--or, at least, since the dawn of dating apps. Don't risk getting lost in the shuffle: we've done our research and come up with a few ways to spice up your openers.

1. If you're looking for someone who shares your sense of humor (aren't we all?), go for a weird and quirky opener. Make an irreverent pop culture reference or send them a goofy GIF. At the very least, you can assume that anyone who responds positively is someone with whom you are likely to laugh. 

2. Cats or dogs? Peanut butter or Nutella? These are certain issues on which everyone seems to hold a strong opinion. However, you should definitely err on the side of caution by steering away from anything too controversial, like politics or religion. Keep conversation fun and light. 

3. If you're not interested in wasting time or risking the dreaded fizzle of a conversation, break the ice by immediately suggesting a date. Improve the likelihood of a positive response by giving them an either/or option--for example, dessert or coffee? Thai or Italian?

4. Too often, we neglect to actually pay close attention to the details of someone's profile. Sure, it may be someone's good looks that lured you in, but a compliment on physical appearance doesn't always feel personal. Does their profile include a cool travel picture? Ask where they went. Are they cuddling a pet in another picture? Inquire after their pet: breed, name, and age. 

5. If you're still struggling to come up with a way to approach your romantic interest, remember that you do have something in common: you're both on the same dating app! Ask them about the funniest message they've ever received. Everyone is bound to have a response. 

Go for an icebreaker that is conversational and genuine and you are sure to attract the right kind of match! When in doubt, ask a question: almost everyone loves to talk about themselves.

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4 red flags to pay attention to when dating...

We've all heard dating horror stories about how the first outing ended early because someone acted in a way that made their date cringe in disgust or tremble in outright fear. Yet the worst stories often involve incidents that happened after that initial meet-up. All of the warning signs were likely there during the first date. Check out social opportunities with other people through our BYBER dating app if a date:

Looks drastically different

If your date looks nothing like the person in the photo they shared on their profile, you should reconsider going out on a second date even if the first one goes well. Why? They lied to you once already. This type of behavior increases the risk that they will lie again in the future.

Chooses for you

Some people try to make all of the choices for you even on the first date. For example, they pick the date location or meal selection without your input. They talk over or interrupt you when you try to make a suggestion, or they repeatedly imply that their ideas are the "right ones." In the long run, this type of person can undermine your sense of self and make you co-dependent.

Talks negatively often

Many people have strong critical opinions. These opinions become a problem when your date puts down everyone and everything, including their family, friends, co-workers and strangers. When the first date is filled with complaints, it's likely every date after and life with this person would be the same. In the worst case scenario, this behavior also suggests that the person might become verbally or physically abusive.

Ignores your presence

If your date repeatedly fails to pay attention while you're talking, then you're likely dealing with a self-absorbed individual. This type of person might repeatedly look at their phone or check their appearance in mirrors when they should be focused on you. Self-absorbed people care little about the needs of others. Save yourself from a life of want and find a more supportive person via our BYBER app.

BYBER gives you fantastic tools for making initial connections that can lead to lasting relationships. As with any dating experience, it's up to you to recognize people who might cause you physical or emotional harm. That said, our convenient messaging system also makes it easy to instantly ask for an intervention from members of your social network if you need help ending a date that's going nowhere.

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5 great first date ideas

You have found a date on Byber, but one thing still lingers in the air, wrecking your brain: where will you go for your first date? First dates are critical when it comes to forming relationships with a romantic interest. A first date serves as an introduction, especially when it comes to online dating. You want to put your best foot forward, to not only leave a great impression but also guarantee a second date.

The trick to selecting a great first date is picking a fun, interactive, and inexpensive activity that will keep both you and your date engaged while still allowing room for conversation. Here are some first date ideas that break the norm of traditional dinner dates. 

Go to a museum

Museums are a great place to get lots of conversation flowing out of both of you. There are lots of things to see, not to mention lots of information to learn. Here, you and your date can share lots of knowledge that you have about relevant things you see, giving the impression that you are intelligent. Remember, intelligence is the new sexy.

Comedy open mic at a bar

Nothing says great first date than sharing lots of laughs, so attend a comedy open mic at any bar. Sit back and enjoy lots of laughter and drinks. The great thing about this idea is that it takes the edge off meeting someone new. Also, smiling looks great on everyone. 

Take a walk in the park

Walking is a great way for getting your cardio done and also a great first date idea. Both of you can take a stroll down an area with a scenic view. Visit beaches or streets with interesting graffiti art. Visit wherever interests you. This provides you with a lot of room to just talk and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. 

Play games

Playing games is an exciting and interactive way to get your strangers out of their shell. Games range from arcade games and paintball to geocaching. These activities require you to team up together and attain a particular goal. 

Do crafts together

Several local centers offer free arts and craft lessons to members of the public. Head on down there and enroll in a class for a day.

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5 top benefits of online dating.

With so many dating related apps and sites available nowadays, it's become a lot easier for singles to meet and date online. With online dating, you can enjoy the new opportunities to meet interesting people, have fun and find exciting date spots. With the many challenges of dating experienced in the modern world, using dating websites to build healthy relationships is essential. 

Here are 5 of the top benefits you can enjoy with online dating: 

Shopping for cute girls and boys is fun

Online dating is like shopping for shoes and clothes - apart from you get to shop for real people who might make out with you some day. As you get to flirt around with a bunch of hot men and women, be sure to keep yourself grounded and pick the person you feel is the best match for you.

Improving your communication skills

Ever found yourself stuck in an hour long conversation with someone whom you've got absolutely nothing in common with? Online dating is like that. And since good conversation skills take practice, online dating makes it easy for you to practice, learning a lot from the dates you connect with as you go.

You don't sweat the small stuff

Even after a date has gone messy for you, with online dating you experience little or zero stress after finding yourself in an awkward situation. Also, rather than wasting time obsessing on a date that went sour, you actually get to go on lots of dates to calm your mind. Nevertheless, when hunting for a potential date, be sure to take the time to know the people asking you out to avoid any embarrassment in the future.

Find more potential matches

Many young singles meet most of their potential matches through online dating. From the convenience of your own home, you can skim through the various dating profiles that a dating site matches to your tastes and preferences. This makes things easy for you, since you're aware of the potential right from the get go. And, the more matches you have, the higher the chances of finding the match of your dreams!

Very cost effective

It's cheaper to date online than to pay for an endless amount of gas and meals in order to go out and date multiple times every week. Some dating sites are also free. You'll find the sites that charge you to become a member are still cheaper than the expenses incurred in regular dating and going out every night with the hopes of meeting people.

You'll have heard a story about the girl who actually met her "Prince Charming" on a particular dating site, right? Online dating has opened the gates to endless singles, all hoping for that potential date that they can find love with. Aside from all the benefits mentioned above, you can also plan exciting tailored events through BYBER—the hottest new dating app in town! Make sure to join BYBER today to make the most of your dating experience.

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Mastering the art of interviewing on your first date.

Well, for starters, this title is designed to make you think, and much of it is about what not to do. Dating is different from the idea of a date night as part of a committed relationship. In such a situation, you already have the wealth of knowledge and easy intimacy to carry out a natural conversation.

Not quite the same on a first date. You may have undertaken a little research, looking at the person's online profile. There you might find out about some of their likes and dislikes, have ideas about how they like to spend their time, and even what they don't want to do. 

Once you've met, you would hope to pick up more clues, ones that help you form that difficult first real conversation. This is where the slightly humorous title of our blog comes to the fore.

When you watch an interviewer on TV, say in a news program, many are asking questions from the political or ethical standpoint of their organization. They have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, the key areas and how questions will get their 'victim' to admit something, or come clean about something.

Not exactly the way you'd want a first date chat to progress! Questions such as: 'So you claim to enjoy Ed Sheeran's music?' or 'How often do you go on these booze-fuelled breaks with your buddies?' suggest distrust or disapproval. Never try to 'win' the conversation, just aim to hold one.

That's the key word - conversation. Both parties contribute. You may have heard that asking questions and letting the other person talk about themselves is a good way to go. Yes, but up to a limit. That's just before it becomes, however pleasant, an interrogation.

So, be a part of the talk, but equally, avoid falling into the trap of taking an answer, turning it round to your own experience, and then simply carrying on to talk for the rest of the date about yourself.

In fact, rather than an interview, which is really one-sided in gaining information, a better analogy might be a game of tennis. The conversation is a rally, in which both parties participate. Remember, though, it isn't about winning points, it's about ending with 'love all' rather than starting from that score.

If you are looking to achieve this, downloading the BYBER app is a great starting point.

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Making the connection: The difference between a first and second date.

You and your Byber date had the perfect night out. The mood was just right, you made a good impression, and they want to see you again. Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to work towards full-on relationship mode. Right?

Definitely not. One of the biggest mistakes daters make today is assuming that a single memorable night is a good foundation for a budding relationship. The truth is that, while it’s a good start, it is only the first step in a long road of romance. Moving forward is about building on your past successes and that means having a second date that is just as memorable as the first.

Making the connection

Date number one is all about making a strong impression, while the second date is about making a connection. The chances are you'll have already covered all of the typical first date topics: family, friends, job, hobbies, special skills. Now that they have a blueprint for who you are as a person, it\s time to show them all the things you can’t put into words. You won’t know until later whether it's your smile, laugh, or intelligence they like best about you, but now's the time to give them a chance to decide.

A change of pace

Plenty of daters get the idea that the second date needs to completely overshadow the first, in terms of cost, time, and effort. While putting your best foot forward is always a good idea, constantly trying to outdo yourself isn’t sustainable. Instead, try to surprise your date with something new. If you went out to eat for your first meeting, try a movie this time. Even something as simple as a beachside walk can be a meaningful experience - if done right.

Show that you were paying attention

Remember all of those details your date shared during your last conversation? Hopefully you do, because the best way to have a successful date is to prove that you were taking thorough notes. Do you know their favorite food, or local spot they've been wanting to visit? You can also refer back to details they mentioned about themselves in passing, to show you're a good listener.

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5 Dating Tips for Women

The world of dating is full of dos and don'ts. Sometimes it feels like there are too many rules to keep track of, making women feel like they have failed if they don’t secure that second date. However, whether you are newly single, or are just getting back into the game after a dating hiatus, we have the top five simple tips that will hopefully help you relax and enjoy your date. 

Try and be on time

Although the ‘fashionably late’ ideology still exists, you will make a better impression and feel more relaxed if you do show up on time. Although it is not a deal breaker, if you are going to be late, it is better to at least text or call your date to let them know. Apologise with dignity once you do arrive, but don't feel guilty if the circumstances were out of your control. 

Wear something comfortable

Before picking an outfit to wear, keep in mind what type of date you are going on, as well as factors such as the weather, time of day and location. While you want to look great, it is important to feel comfortable. If you can strike the right balance, you'll exude confidence. 

Speak up

Don't be afraid to let your date know if you aren’t keen on what they have planned for the evening. It is better to tell them before you sit down and order. Similarly, if your date asks you what you would like to eat or drink, be decisive and choose what you really want. 

Offer to pay

An easy way to do this is to reach for the check when it arrives. If your date insists on paying, offer to split the bill, or leave a tip. Remember, if you do offer to pay or split the check, be prepared to actually part with your cash.

Be positive and have fun

Remember to try and have fun on your date. If the food isn’t great or the restaurant isn't what you were expecting, don't complain. However, don’t lie and say you like it either - remain polite and neutral. 

If your date has clearly taken the time to choose the venue, compliment something about it, such as the location or scenery. Being positive will also make you more fun to be around, making the date more comfortable for you both. 

Follow these five tips on your next date for a fun and care-free time. If you are looking to meet someone new, or enhance your social life, download BYBER today.

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