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First date ideas for men: bowling date night

o you've just met a girl you like on Byber, and she's agreed to go out on a date. However, you’re keen to avoid the good old restaurant date because you know how formal, stagy and uninspiring it can feel. If you want to have fun while you get to know each other, it helps to pick an activity you're both likely to enjoy. So why not go bowling? Compared to other common date ideas, you can talk a lot more, laugh more and generally have a good time on a bowling date night. It’s a great way to get to know each other, and you might even learn a thing or two about the sport. 

The following tips (for men) can help you plan for a great date night experience when you go out bowling:

Pick the right day

It’s important that you schedule your date on a night that isn’t too crowded or hectic. Going on a date means you need some space to talk and get comfortable with each other. You may need to call the bowling center ahead of time to find out which days would be the best for your date. Saturdays should generally be avoided because not only will the place be crowded, but probably a little more expensive too.

Keep it light

Whether or not you are very good at bowling, you are there with your date to savor the experience, not to compete. So keep the competition between you light. If she understands the game a bit better than you, let her teach you. And if you understand the game better, show her how it’s done without making too much of a big deal out of it. You can use the bowling competition to get a little romantic. For example, doing a strike will be worth a kiss, while a spare means getting a hug.


Bowling presents a great opportunity to initiate some physical contact. You can try the old “let me help you” trick, where you get behind her, hold her hand, and help her bowl the ball down the lane. If you manage a strike, great, and if you don’t, who really cares? Through physical touch, you’ve just increased the attraction level between the two of you.

The great thing about bowling is it doesn't need to take up the whole evening either. That means if you hit things off, you're free to carry on the conversation over a meal or drinks.

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4 ideas for a date you'll never forget

Of all the dates you’ve been on in your life, which ones do you still talk about today? While bars and pubs are great places to meet people from a dating app like Byber - they are public, safe, you can talk one on one and have a few drinks to settle the butterflies - they all follow the same formula. Unless something really interesting happens, you’re likely to forget them. So, shake things up a bit! Here are some ideas to make your dates a little more interesting.

Cocktail-making class

If you’re keen to keep alcohol in the mix, try a cocktail-making class. These have been surging in popularity lately, and are not too expensive. You’ll get to work together creatively, picking ingredients that you both like and finding a name for your new invention. There will be fun, laughs and spills aplenty - and, of course, you get to drink the fruits of your labor, too.

A morning rave

If you’re a morning person and are looking for the someone who shares this love of the morning, weed out the night owls by suggesting a morning rave. Starting around 8am, these are fairly similar to their night time counterparts - the bar only serves smoothies and soft drinks, but you get a packed dance floor and happy people all around you, dressed in their finest party-wear. They are so popular now that they often attract big-name DJs.

Indoor skydiving

It’s hard to persuade someone you’ve never met to jump out of a plane. However, you can get an equally impressive adrenaline spike from indoor skydiving. Studies have shown that when people do fear-inducing activities together, it helps them bond. The fact that you helped each other through a scary experience help build rapport. 

10 venues challenge

How many venues do you visit on a typical date? One or two, maybe? Time to step this up a notch! Take the 10 venues challenge - as the name implies, you visit 10 different places in one date. Be creative here - you don’t have to visit 10 bars! You could stop at a museum, or do a tour de food and order a starter to share in a few restaurants. You’ll have packed so much experience into one night that you’ll feel like you’ve known each other for much longer than you actually have.

If you're ready to try out some of these date ideas, why not start messaging people on Byber now to find that special someone?

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Love languages: the importance of knowing each other's love language

Online dating is not your typical day to day dating. While online dating can create strong relationships, they can also easily break if you don’t understand each other’s love languages. However, you might be wondering what love languages are?

The 5 Love Languages were identified by Gary Chapman as being the unique ways in which humans give and express love. When it comes to each other’s needs in a relationship, most couples will speak one of these languages the best. So, how can you make your relationship work with love languages?

What are the Love Languages?

• Words of affirmation - the person who speaks this love language is most comfortable speaking and hearing verbal words to communicate love. These affirmations are usually in the form of compliments or praise.

• Acts of service - this love language involves performing tangible tasks for your loved one, like preparing meals or taking care of the trash can.

• Receiving gifts - if your love language is receiving gifts, you express your love by giving people thoughtful presents, and you expect them to do the same.

• Quality time - with the 'quality time' love language, you need to spend one-on-one, intimate time with your loved one to feel loved. This means a lot more than just sitting at home watching TV. It involves face to face, meaningful interaction.

• Physical touch - those whose love language is physical touch need to feel like they're in contact with their loved one. They might need to hold hands and be more physically affectionate to feel and express love.

Why is it important to know your partner's love language?

Since everyone expresses love differently, it's vital to know what your partner's innermost expectations are to avoid disappointment or miscommunication. For example, if your partner speaks the language of "physical touch", it would be extra hurtful to that person if you didn't make the effort to maintain physicality.

For another example, if your partner's love language is "quality time", gifts and contact simply aren't going to cut it. This person would feel most appreciated with some quality one-on-one time, like with a scheduled date night he or she could look forward to. Find a laid-back bar, a fancy restaurant, a great hiking trail; anything to get that quality time.

It doesn’t matter if you met the person on Byber, it's never too early to turn that wonderful online experience into something real. You have the ability to make the relationship long-lasting. Whatever your partner's love language happens to be, what's most important is that you respect their need to give and receive love in the way that makes them most comfortable. Learn to speak their language, and see how positively it impacts your relationship. 

Are you looking to meet the love of your life? Someone who shares and understands your love language? Byber offers you a broad range of options. 

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Ways to cultivate real intimacy in your relationships

Online dating is a tool that arrived to enhance human interaction. However, it’s not a quick fix for real intimacy. What online dating platforms do is that they help us attract individuals with similar needs and intentions. Consequently, we’re able to create stable and lasting connections. But the responsibility of creating real intimacy remains on us. Factors such as time can enhance intimacy. Time, coupled with the following, can help you establish a lasting relationship with your date and bring them closer to your heart.


Men think in terms of the destination while women think in terms of process or journey. Men often think building intimacy begins at the actual date while women understand romance starts before the actual date. For women, how you ask her out for the date, how you communicate the excitement of the date, compliment her appearance, and the kind of conversation you hold on the actual date all contribute to verbal intimacy.

Openness and honesty

It is universally attractive to express ourselves for who we are and be seen that way. From the onset of your relationship, make it your purpose to have open and honest communication. Often, this begins as early as your profile by stating what you’re genuinely looking for. It is easier to pretend who we are especially when we project what a potential mate may be looking for in us.

Emotional power

Emotions play a significant role in building intimacy. However, we feel distant from one another when our lives are facing turmoil. Most people would instead react in anger and frustration when we feel our mate is acting out negative attitude or character. This only agitates the entire situation and build walls between us. Instead, show your partner that you'd love and care for them no matter which emotional state they'll be in.


Empathy goes hand in hand with emotional support as well as open and honest communication. Human beings can only communicate honestly if they have empathy for themselves. And if we learn to give compassion to ourselves, we’re able to give it to others. People feel a connection develop if they sense they’re being received empathically.

Remember all the power to build intimacy is in you. If you need to meet new people and build lasting relationships with them, visit 

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How to build strong communication in relationships

Relationships aren't always easy, especially if you met on an online dating site. However, they are often made harder by a lack of communication. How do you make it better? And how do you make the online dating scenario last? Whether it's about money, personal values, or a need for something in the relationship, communication is often at the heart of the issue.

Have a clear mindset

One thing to keep in mind as you communicate with the person you are dating, is that communication starts with a mindset. Both of you are a team. If you get into an argument with your significant other and you go into it thinking of your loved one on the other side, you will almost never come out ahead. Instead, try approaching these issues with a sense of 'this is the situation, we should work together to build a solution'.

Set communication rules

Remember, online relationships can be very volatile when you start since you don’t really know each other. When you communicate, sometimes arguments get messy and communication goes out the window. To solve this, set up rules you can both agree to at the start of the discussion. Here are some examples: 

• No inappropriate language
• No name calling
• Start claims with 'I feel like' so that it feels less like an attack on the other person
• No interrupting

Sometimes not all of these are possible but it’s important to make sure you feel understood and not attacked. This applies not just to arguments but to everyday conversations. 

Pay attention to each other

Communication is important outside of disagreements as well. Building communication now can even make arguments easier to handle in the future. Here is how to build communication outside of arguments: 

• Ask how the other's day was and be sure to listen
• When making plans make sure the other person knows about it
• Give them 100% attention when they are talking to you - this means no playing games on your phone when they are telling you something. 

Communication is an important part of relationships - the good and the bad times - so make sure you and your partner know you can talk to each other openly and work together as a team to build better communication in your relationship.

Finding the perfect match

Improving communication is one thing, but finding the perfect match to communicate with is another. With Byber, you get to meet different people looking for love and companionship. The app helps you to match yourself with someone you share things in common with, so your communication should be effortless and seamless.

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The kids are grown. Now what Dating ideas for new empty nesters

You may have been hearing about Empty Nest Syndrome for a few years now. Talk of this malady conjures visions of poor lost souls wandering around the house unable to think of what to do with their time now that their children are gone. Syndrome implies something negative, something that brings difficulty and struggle. But forget Empty Nest Syndrome - you need to have an Empty Nest Celebration. If you are new to all of this we have some fantastic ideas about what you can do to kick-start this new life-stage that we call freedom!

Adventure dates

Nothing spices up relationships like an outdoor adventure date, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast or you have an adventurous spirit. It may be time for you to rise above it all and view the stunning terrain from above with a zip line tour, rock climbing adventure, or take it all the way and knock skydiving off your bucket list. If you'd rather stay close to the ground but still like a thrill, a rafting excursion will get your adrenaline pumping. Whether you are experienced adventurers or ready to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks, you couldn't be in a better place. Dating never ends, and there are always ways to spice up relationships.

Live out your dream dates

We all have them; the dreams that took a backseat to family, and responsibility. Was the younger you going to be the next MI Rose? Stretch out those vocal cords with a night of karaoke. Has making an audience full of people laugh been that itch that never got scratched? Remind your partner how hysterical you are with an improv class. Or, it might be time to let your inner Julia out with a couple's cooking class. You might not be a kid anymore but letting your younger self take a turn in the driver's seat is guaranteed to produce some fun and laughter. 

Pure romance dates

Yes, you read that correctly, romance. It’s okay, it may have been a while and you may have lost your footing, but it's like riding a bike. It will all come back to you with a few helpful prompts. Let's face it, you have earned the right to a break, or at least bend a rule or two. Surprise your favorite person and indulge in a mid-week brunch and mimosas followed by a couple's massage.

Not in a relationship currently? It’s not too late to still have fun again. BYBER makes it easy for you to find the perfect person to share all the fun experiences with. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and be creative. After all, that is what romance is all about, and you can always join BYBER to meet someone new or people with the same sense of adventure.

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Finding the right person in our "let's get it on culture”

There's no denying the across-the-board appeal of dating and meet-up apps like Byber, with their anonymity and opportunity to say in a few characters what you'd never find the nerve to say to someone's face. While 15% of the population has used a dating app, the percentage of users among millennials is higher; 22% of the 18 to 24-year-old group use a dating app. Apps reflect not only the time crunch we face in everyday life, but their increased use indicates there is less stigma attached to the idea of online dating and meet-ups, as we turn to our phones for our primary means of social interaction.

But at a time when we schedule dates the way we schedule a dentist appointment or steam through a sexual encounter faster than the drive-through java stop, how do you create and nurture deep ties with family, friends and coworkers? And when you do find THE ONE, how do you maintain strong friendships with the people you knew before that special person came along?

The big three relationship scenarios: romance, friendship and co-dependency

Friendship is where it starts

A friend is someone with whom you have shared respect, trust and mutual interests. You may have shared opinions or completely different feelings about everything, but the overriding standard is the faith you have in each other that you can listen, hear each other out and still agree to disagree.

Romance is where friendship might go

Some friendships go deeper than just trust, respect and mutual interests. They make that magical turn to love: there is mystery, excitement, the combination of jitters in your stomach and flutters in your heart that lead you to think you want to spend more than just casual time with this individual. 

Co-dependency is that turn you don't want to take. A relationship that rolls into co-dependency means one person is enabling or supporting the other's negative habits, whether those habits involve drugs, alcohol, random sex with strangers, physical or emotional abuse or chronic unemployment. Co-dependency is subtle, gradual and once involved, sometimes difficult to leave without professional help.

Looking for friends in all the right places

Finding and establishing solid friendships starts with going to places where people who think like you and have values similar to yours hang out. Whether you're a gamer or gardener, a fanatic soccer fan or science fiction writer, there are places to meet and people out there with the same interests. Among the hook-up and flirt apps, there are apps designed to help you connect with those who want to get to know you before they get to know you in the more Biblical sense. Some of the platonic apps include Partook, We and Friended.

Can men and women really be friends? 

Is there such a thing as platonic friendship between the sexes, whether you're involved with someone else or not? Yes, provided you know the difference between emotional intimacy and romantic intimacy. Emotional intimacy invests your relationships with the sense of a powerful connection minus the sexual attraction issue. You can be the "real you" with friends of the opposite sex when you forget the limitations of gender identity and consider one another as valued humans first and everything else second.

Finding someone new is easier than you may think thanks to Byber. Experience the thrill of meeting new people to share memories with.Install the Byber app today, it could be your ticket to finding your Mr./Ms right.

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Key things for dating over 50s men

When dating in your 50s or planning to date a man in his 50s, you’d expect a lot of changes. It’s a little trickier to meet such people than before, but still, men and women over 50 are meeting in grocery shops, bars, in parties and even online. What is a little different is the people. If you’re a woman, dating an over 50s man is a lot different from what you’d expect from a 30 something man because of the experiences they have been through the years. Here are key things you need to know if you’re planning to date over 50s men.

Love for fun and honest women

Men of all ages want a fun woman. The second most admirable trait cited among men of all ages is honesty. Men want a woman who is honest, and someone they can have fun with.

Over 50 men are masculine and love when you bring out this trait in them

Men have no interest in competing with women. However, they’ll see it otherwise if you try interacting with them as an alpha female. To them, this is similar to dating another man. Let your true feminine power out, and you’ll see the heights he’ll jump just to keep you happy.

Love for romance

If you interview some 50-year-old men, one thing that always pops up is ‘romance.’ Unlike men in their 20s or 30s, older men love romance. Probably we were created to appreciate love more as we grow old.

Insecurity when asking you out

A lot of men in their 50s will be a little insecure when it comes to asking you out, partly because they may have faced several rejections from women and wouldn't wish to be in such vulnerable positions again. If you’re dating a man in his 50s, use eye contact, flirt online or a warm smile to encourage him.

They don’t like being remodeled or seen as a pet project

A man in such an age wouldn’t appreciate this. You’ll have to either accept him as he is or let him go and move on to another man who doesn’t need you to change him.

As people age, they don’t get any different from their younger selves but only a little older, wiser, and romantic. Byber dating app can help you meet people online and build relationships. Go to  for more information about our app.

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Online dating safety tips you must know.

Online socializing can provide a great opportunity to have fun and flirt with other like-minded people. However, as with many online contact media, there can be pitfalls. Here’s how to avoid common dangers and stay safe whilst having fun while social networking.

Keep your private self, private

When you enter the world of online chat and dating, it’s important to bear in mind that not everyone is everything they claim to be. Of course, there are plenty of genuine people who want the same fun as you do, but there are also those who are out to make mischief.

Don’t use your real name when you create a profile, and carry on all communication through the messaging facility of the site itself, rather than giving out your personal phone number or email address. Never give away information about where you live or work.

Webcam chat scams

Unfortunately, there are a few scams to be aware of when using chat rooms and contact sites.

In one scam, the person you’re chatting with tells you that they desperately want to buy a webcam so that they can progress your online flirting to another level and start dating ‘face-to-face’ online. The problem is that they don’t have any money. The ‘mark’, i.e. the victim, sends the scammer money to buy the webcam, the scammer then vanishes without a trace, taking the money with them.

The best thing to do in this case is to walk away and politely decline further contact. After all, there are plenty of genuine people out there just waiting to be discovered, so don’t waste your time an energy on scammers.

In conclusion

Social networking sites are a great place to enjoy some fun and build relationships with like-minded individuals, but be wary of the possible dangers of chatting and online socializing with strangers. Always keep your personal information private, never send money to anyone, no matter how tempting the request may be. 

Check out the BYBER blog for more savvy tips on dating. Why not download the app now and get ready for some great fun and maybe even a new romance!

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Top 4 misconceptions about online dating

Technological advancements have made life more comfortable, and one of them is dating online. Contrary to what some may think, online dating is a great tool to meet new people at the click of a mouse. In a technology-driven world, unfortunately, some people are still afraid of online dating. There is a level of stigma attached to it which is primarily founded on misconceptions. Let’s review some of these misguided views that may be holding you back from trying online dating.

It is for desperate people and losers

Most people assume that online dating is for unattractive people or those who are socially awkward in real life. In truth, there are tons of people who are successful, attractive and have excellent social skills, but they lack time to meet people hence the preference to dive into online platforms like BYBER.. 

Everyone online is a liar

Identity protection is mostly of significance when trying online dating. What most online characters lie about could be their physical appearance or age. Offline dating also has its challenges as someone can lie about their educational background or even profession. The bottom line is that a liar will always lie whether online or offline. If you think someone lied in the first instance of you chatting with them, then it’s up to you to discontinue the relationship. 

3. Online dating is easy

Online dating platforms have become tranquil havens for lazy people who think they’ll find it easy over there. It can be daunting even for the physically attractive individuals. It requires strategy and effort if you wish to succeed. If you are not ready to up your messaging game, set up an appealing profile and upload great profile pictures, your efforts might be futile.

Online relationships end up in breakups

A common misconception is that offline bonds are likely to last than the ones built online. Apparently, online couples are more likely to stay together than offline couples </a> because computer algorithms are helping them for compatibility matching. The online couples also have a chance to know each other better before finally meeting in person.

While online dating is an excellent opportunity for single people, you still need to try it with realistic expectations and a less belief for the listed misconceptions. Byber </a> is a dating app that will let you meet singles like you that might maybe lead to a long-term relationship.

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