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Why non-committal dating is your new secret weapon

As the year shifts from summer into fall, and then from fall into winter, people start getting together. There's something about autumn that brings people together. Think about it – fall bonfires are a hallowed tradition, and hanging on to the last vestiges of summer when it's actually pretty cold out is a great excuse to snuggle up to someone %28bonus points if you're both in fuzzy flannel and/or fleece!%29. Haunted houses are a thing, and sharing a spooky bonding moment with someone gives you something to chat about over spiced punch and mulled wine. It's a season to reflect on the year, focus on relationships and thankfulness, and it naturally brings people together. 

Don't feel pressured into dating

Even habitually single people often find themselves looking around at happy couples holding pumpkin spice lattes. But just because it seems like everyone is coupling up around you doesn't mean you have to choose between feeling bitter and left out or dating someone you don’t care about. Obviously, neither of these options are great. 

In the age of hookups and friends with benefits, the word "dating" often seems, well, spooky. It connotes a serious relationship, one that's exclusive and progressing towards some ultimate end goal. Every person you date falls into one of two categories: either you'll break up with that person, or you'll marry them. But there is a "secret" third option! 

Dating noncommittally

You can go on "a date" without any expectation of interaction beyond that first encounter. Think of it like social networking, in person. Agree to coffee or dinner with someone, just to get to know them better. Don’t worry about a second date, or a third. Don't try to impress. Instead, just try and forge a connection with the person sitting across the table from you. What makes them tick? What can you learn from them? 

Without the pressure of finding "the one" or worrying you'll accidentally sign a six-month contract just by agreeing to dinner, dating becomes exciting, not stressful. By focusing on human connection rather than an endgame, you'll meet all sorts of cool people that you wouldn’t have if all you were looking for was a romantic partner. Besides, the first step to finding a romantic partner is getting to know someone. 

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