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First date ideas that aren't just dinner and a movie

So, you've met someone interesting, messaging each other revealed interesting facts, and you're excited for the first date. But, coming up with a great idea to set the tone for a promising date is no easy feat. While playing it safe with dinner and possibly a movie might cut it, why not try something unconventional? Though it can be difficult to plan this out, there's no better way to show your personality and use your common interests to ensure a memorable and successful first date.

Play a pick-up game

For the more active among us, engaging your date in a friendly and flirty game of soccer or tennis is a great way to get to know each other without having to bumble your way through the usual list of questions. Plus it's a great way to get a workout in and exercise those social skills at the same time. In fact, dating has never seemed so healthy!

Get some culture

Museums are great places to take in some history and culture and take a deeper dive into each other's interests and background. Additionally, some museums even have after hours events just for adults, where the libations and culture flow in spades. When you think about it, what sounds better than getting to know each other while discussing the intricacies of post-modernism?

Take a hike

For the more outdoorsy, hiking is a very fun way to get to know each other. Taking in beautiful scenery, breaking a sweat, and having a nice picnic in a picturesque setting sets the stage for a rewarding dating experience for sure. This is especially great if one or both of you are exploring a new area together. Nothing bonds like shared discoveries. 

Get educated

Taking a fun class together can serve as an excellent way to build rapport and check out each other's communication style pretty early. Cooking, painting, or other types of classes are a ton of fun, even if you take them alone, but when you combine such activities with a date, it's a recipe for a great time. Many places offer tons of cool and quirky classes, so even if traditional ones like cooking or painting aren't you or your date's thing, there's bound to be something to catch your attention.

While setting up a first date can be a challenge, there are endless options to set the stage for a memorable experience. Taking note of common interests and seeking out ways to indulge them is a sure fire way to nail the first encounter and increase the likelihood of getting a second date.

BYBER Team 😉