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Date without your ego getting in the way

Have you ever been in a relationship, only to find that you and your partner nit-pick each other on a regular basis? If this is the case, you likely both were acting out of ego. 

Be sure that you do not let your ego rule your behavior when it comes to interacting with your new dates. Be as open-minded as possible, so that you can see the other person and their motives clearly. This also is true when it comes to your friendships and your relationships with your family members and other people in your life. When you are mindful of your interactions, you can build healthy relationships. 

Decision making through the ego

Some people use their egos in order to help them make decisions when it concerns the people they are attracted to. When someone is acting out of ego, insecurities and negative behaviors can crop up. 

A way to turn this around is to ask yourself insightful questions as to why you are making a certain decision - question any negative feelings that arise. If you can see why you're behaving in a particular way, you can change that behaviour, and this will help your dating experience run more smoothly. 

Making judgments

Do you tend to be judgmental with new partners? Sometimes, it's unavoidable - everyone judges people on first sight, whether we like to admit it or not. However, when it extends into criticizing habits, the way they communicate, or some little quirk, it is a sure sign that you are letting your ego get the best of you - and it's a sure sign you won't be getting a second date!

Instead, let yourself focus on the parts of your date that you find interesting - maybe you share a hobby or favorite TV show. If those problem areas are just too big for you to ignore, say goodbye, chalk it up to experience and keep persevering with dating until you find someone who's right for you.

Being yourself

At the root of many behaviors controlled by the ego is insecurity in yourself. When you are strong in feeling your self-worth, you will be content with completely being yourself in any relationship that you enter and give that love out to the other person. 

It's important to remember that, even if you're unsure of yourself as you head into a date, that the person you're seeing chose you for a reason. They're interested in you and attracted to you, or else they wouldn't have agreed to the date! Try and keep these positive thoughts in mind so that you can be your honest self, rather than presenting an ego-based version of you.

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BYBER Team 😉

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