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First messaging tips for online dating

If you already signed up for an online social network like Byber, completed your profile, and saw someone who caught your eye, it’s time to send them a message and see what happens next. Unlike real dates, online dating gives you a bit of an advantage to strategize and calculate your steps. 

The success of online interactions depends on how you present your first message. Here are some of the things you should and shouldn’t say.

Show your literacy

Poor grammar, spelling errors, and netspeak are huge turn-offs. You need to avoid words like ur, luv, wont, ya, k, r, wat, bt, etc. All these words make a terrible first impression. Mail inboxes that receive such words never receive any replies whatsoever, proving that intelligence is an attractive trait.

Don’t go for the conventional ‘Hello’

Although words like ‘hi’, ‘hello’, and ‘hey’ are all good choices, they somehow sound boring. Here, you are advised to spruce it up with slang or a foreign greeting such as ‘holla'. Some other conversation starters that are pretty attractive include ‘howdy’, ‘how's it going’, and ‘what's up’. Perhaps the ubiquity of grammatically correct greetings like ‘hi’ are too familiar to attract any form of reply.

Avoid physical compliments by all means

While everyone fancy’s a compliment once in a while, starting a conversation with one may not be the best decision. The other person may have the best smile you’ve ever seen, but this simply isn’t the moment. Such an introductory message gives you away as shallow. If you begin with words like ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexy’, your message is likely to be deleted. You can compliment them later, but you need to be cautious in your word choices. 

Include a question

Since human beings assume that not responding to questions implies someone is rude, you are likely to receive a response if you include one. This is like a call to action used by marketing agencies. You may ask about their interests or hobbies.

Include specific interests

Studies show that people with particular interests in music, movies, tattoos, or bands are likely to engage the other person’s interests. Also, acknowledge their interests from their profile to show that you actually read it.

And finally, pray and hope for the best. However, don’t be overconfident at your first messaging attempt. These tips may not seem as romantic as you may wish, but if they work, why not use them?

BYBER Team 😉