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5 reasons you should date several people before settling down

Dating can be a fun and yet painful experience at the same time. Finally finding a partner you honestly mesh with can be a hard task. However, depending on your dating techniques, this may take a pretty long time. Here are reasons why you should date as many people as possible before deciding to settle down.

It is fun and exposes you to new experiences

Dating can be a source of recreation and enjoyment. Apart from that, you may find yourself making road trips together with a person you are dating or even sharing apartments. All these shared experiences are valuable as they inspire you to experience life more than you could have done as a single person.

Each relationship develops your personality

Personal identity and values are formed with every relationship we have. A successful relationship that might have ended has likely still helped to build your personality by bringing out new interests and hobbies. However, it can also help you better understand yourself and your behavior in a relationship.

You understand what you want and what you don’t

Dating several people makes you an open-minded being who’s realized that there are bigger things to check in a partner than physical aspects. For example, you may notice you are after a partner who is ambitious after dating several people who were happy with dead-end jobs. 

Helps you find the right mate and not 'The One'

An individual who has dated several people can use this process to narrow the eligibility field to a few people and finally a single individual. This process makes you realize that people are different and there’s no perfect person with a marvelous set of characteristics. Some people end a great relationship with the hope that there is someone out there with everything all their exes could not offer. However, this is often a fantasy. Dating around shows you that relationships do require hard work from time to time and will help you realize what is worth it and what isn't, as well as eventually find the person who makes you the happiest!

Prepares you for the road ahead

Having dated other people and then your partner for a while before settling down, you already know the wide range of personalities out there and how to handle each one of them. As such, you’d be in a better position to quickly understand your partner’s behaviors, attitudes, and needs to discuss and solve any arising issues amicably.

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