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Why lunch is one of the best first dates

When is the last time you took a date out to dinner? Chances are, virtually all of your first dates have gone this way. However, there's no reason that dinner has to be your first date of choice. Here's why lunch may be a better option. 

It's a More Casual Meal

There are few things that can make our hearts race with nervousness like a first date, but it doesn't have to be that way. One way to avoid feeling tense is to have lunch instead of getting dressed up and going to dinner. Lunch is always more casual, even if the restaurant is a nice one. Some of the pressure will be off because of the casual environment and clothing involved, and you can relax and be yourself.

It's Easier to Talk

Going out to a club can be a fun place to have your first date, but there are definitely a few downsides. When you're attempting to get to know someone, trying to hear each other through the sounds of the local nightlife might not be the best option. A lunch date gives you plenty of opportunities to talk and listen to each other. And because there's a meal involved, there's plenty to talk about. Conversation about the meal, the restaurant, your favorite local spots, etc. can all keep the conversation flowing. 

It's a Small Part of Your Day

Some dates work out, and others don't. If you have lunch with someone that you don't click with, you still have time to use your Byber app to find someone else who might be a better fit for you. If you find that your lunch date is relationship material, there is plenty of time left to go somewhere after lunch to keep spending time together. When you start with lunch, the rest of the day is flexible. 

Lunch Dates Can Happen on Any Day

If you're looking forward to your first date with someone, it's easier to arrange a lunch date. You don't even have to wait for a weekend when you can take your lunch breaks together for your date. 

Between the convenience and the casual nature of a lunch, this first-date option is a great way to get to know someone. When you find a great Byber match, this laid-back date idea may be a fun way to start a new relationship.

BYBER Team 😉

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