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5 things to avoid on a first blind date

Dating sites and dating apps such as byberapp have made blind dates a common thing today. If you play your cards right, the blind date may lead to a second date, a casual friendship, or a long-term relationship. However, if you start on the wrong foot, you’re likely to ruin all future chances of hooking up again. We’ve listed some bad cues and habits that can ruin your blind date.

Talking too much about yourself

Making the conversation about yourself is a complaint most women make when they engage in blind dates with men. You should be a good listener and avoid thinking of what to say while your date is still speaking, otherwise you will probably respond in a way that shows lack of interest.

Constantly checking your phone

Such habits do not create a good impression of you so remember to put it on silent mode just before you arrive at your destination. Only get it out if you have to take a picture or look up something important that is relevant to the ongoing conversation.

Starting political and religious topics

Such topics should be avoided at all cost as they usually turn into personal arguments. If your date brings them up, try as much as possible to steer them away by bringing up other topics. If you fail, try and remain diplomatic and polite.

Showing up underdressed

Take a little time to research your destination and find out what style of dress is typical for that venue. You don’t want to arrive in shorts and a t-shirt only to find everyone dressed in formal wear. Also, avoid dressing in casual wear that speaks lack of interest or because you want to come out as rebellious – it will only communicate disrespect to your date. Then again, dressing up if it isn't warranted will likely make you feel out of place and self-conscious. If in doubt, opt for smart casual.

Asserting pressure for physical affections

The first date is no guarantee that your date would be interested in further indulgence or even go home with you. Take “no” for an answer the first time it’s given and respect the boundaries.

Dating has been made easier than ever thanks to dating apps, but it's still important to give the same attention to detail to every date you go on. Sign up for BYBER today and set up a blind date that may turn out fruitful.

BYBER Team 😉