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Essential tips to succeed in online dating

Online dating is perhaps among the most celebrated inventions the world has seen. Think of it as a tool where you register, create a profile, search people you like, and start conversations with them. But within all this fun fair, you need to follow these essential tips if you want to be successful in the online dating game.

Ask yourself if you’re ready to start dating

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you are serious about dating. Whether you’re looking for a partner after a recent separation or you're looking for your first real relationship, you still need to be open about the idea. Before beginning this journey, make sure you’re committed to the course. If you are not ready, don’t start dating someone.

Create an interesting profile

The best way to create your profile is to convey a message of sincerity and vulnerability. Don’t write your bio in a way that praises you or tries to impress. Remember this is not a CV and you are not auditioning someone to be your partner. 

Avoid being Google-able

You need to maintain your safety as you engage with people on dating apps and sites. Be careful what you pass out to people as that info may trigger them to track you. Things like job titles and personal details shouldn’t be given out. Similarly, use an image that cannot be easily found online.

Maximize your Sunday afternoons

Research says that most users login into dating apps on Sunday afternoons. You need to set aside at least 30 – 45 minutes in the evening to respond to messages and check out profiles. You can set limits or goals for yourself which will turn out to be fruitful in the long run.

Keep your options open

You need to be honest with yourself and realize that most online users speak to more than one person at a time - you shouldn’t take this personally. You should also talk to more than one person in your private messages and only arrange to meet after at least four message exchanges.

Finally, find a good dating site

Here, you will need time to research and find something that addresses your needs. Remember to read the terms and conditions to ensure your security and privacy. A dating app like BYBER  you will help you meet people just like yourself.

BYBER Team 😉