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Top five online dating tips for single moms

Single moms are entitled to happiness. However, most single moms often feel insecure and nervous about dating again. The general feeling is that kids inevitably complicate everything. Nevertheless, it is possible for single moms to date successfully and even begin a lifelong relationship. At Byber, we have listed some tips to help single moms successfully date online.

Being freaked out is normal

Since this is almost like a new experience, you may feel some butterflies in your stomach. You may also feel nervous when you want to tell your date about your child. But understand that having kids is not a stigma when dating someone online. In fact, women with children receive more messaging responses than childless women. ( It is no longer a secret that you have to keep.

Create a profile about you

When building your profile, focus on who you are. Although having kids does not impede your chances of attracting someone, your profile is an opportunity to speak about yourself, and your own hobbies and interests.

Be open about your kids

Talking about your kids on your profile is one thing, but mentioning them while chatting is another. Moms who mention their kids while chatting have a higher response rate. ( So, let the conversation flow naturally and allow the other person to know what is important to you.

Go slowly

One of the reasons why single moms are afraid of dating again is because of the fear of being hurt. When you have been hurt severely, it may be difficult to believe good guys still exist. Don’t feel rushed - take your time and trust your instincts before finding the most suitable person. 

Prepare your kids

It is essential to think through when and how you will introduce the person you’re dating to your kids. Similarly, it is critical to find babysitters you trust to watch over them while you go out on dates or begin visiting them more often.

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