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5 ways to get your dating profile noticed

A dating app is a fantastic way to meet fun, exciting people who are interested in relationships and out enjoying the nightlife in your area. But how do you get fellow Byber app users to use the messaging functions and contact you? Creating a great profile is a perfect way to stop waiting and start dating.

Tell a story

Make the most out of the space provided and give plenty of details. Every question doesn’t deserve a huge description, but provide enough information to engage and intrigue a potential date. Give them ideas on topics to strike up a conversation; a book you’ve recently read or a hike you’d like to take, even a recipe you’ve recently tried.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Make sure yours is clear - no glasses, hats or distracting backgrounds. A sincere smile is always a winner! Save the photo bombs and funny stuff for your social media pages.

Keep it up to date

Include new bars and clubs you’ve recently experienced and what you liked about them. If you’re organizing a guy’s night or girl’s night out and have a more-the-merrier attitude, include that information. You never know who might join the group and make the night even more fun.

Take action

Sitting around waiting to be noticed doesn’t spark a relationship. Byber maps out fun bars and clubs full of fellow Bybers to flirt with using the easy function available right in the app.

Honesty is the best policy

Be honest with your profile. Remember that dating apps like Byber lead to almost immediate social contact. You want to be recognizable to someone who is interested in you and you certainly don’t want to have to make up details on a hobby you don’t have when they ask about it.

When your profile is complete, make sure you review it for spelling and grammar. Your first impression should be a good one! Get a friend to help review and give you ideas on other qualities and interesting things about you to add. 

Give it some time and revise often, especially if you aren’t getting the attention or response you deserve. Remember, everyone has their person – let’s get out and find yours!


BYBER Team 😉

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