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5 top tips to follow when using online dating apps

Dating is one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences that a person can go through in their adult lives, and with the abundance of dating apps now available on our phones, it’s easier than ever to arrange a date with someone new from just about anywhere in the world. If you’re thinking about meeting up with someone who caught your eye online, check out these tips to make sure that your date goes as smoothly as possible.

Chat first

While it can be tons of fun to have a blind date and not know exactly who you’re meeting up with right away, it's also wise to be safe and cover your bases before agreeing to meet anyone you don’t already know. Make sure that you've actually spoken to your potential date, whether it's over the phone or via the messaging feature on the dating app that you have been browsing. Have a few conversations and make sure that you both mesh well and nothing seems odd before agreeing to go on any dates with each other. 

Do your homework

You don't have to act like an employee of the CIA, but you should check a few things out of habit for added security. Feel free to simply check out your potential date’s social media accounts to browse their liked pages and who they follow, and to see if you possibly have any mutual friends or other connections that would be able to vouch for them. If everything checks out, at least you'll have some topics for discussion when you meet up! 

Meet publicly

A first date should always be somewhere that is comfortable for both parties involved and located in a highly public place. If you're using an app like BYBER, take a look at nearby bars that would be a great fit for the two of you to meet at and have a drink in a safe atmosphere. Plan to meet somewhere local, and preferably somewhere that you have already visited so that you will feel more at ease in familiar surroundings.

Have a plan to get home safe

If you have a few drinks while enjoying your local nightlife with your date, be sure that you have suitable arrangements in place to ensure that you get home safe and sound. Whether it’s through your local taxi service or Uber app, or if you have a designated best friend who is waiting on standby while you are on your date, don’t spoil an otherwise great evening with the stress of not knowing how you’ll get home.

Relax and enjoy the date

Most importantly of all, enjoy yourself and enjoy your company. Dating is supposed to be a fun chance for you to get to know new people in a safe and no-strings-attached way, so take a breath and have a fantastic evening. Who knows? You just might meet that special someone that changes the way you view relationships for the better.

BYBER Team. 😉

Photo: Loving couple lying in bed by LyndaSanchez licensed under Creative commons 5