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Dating Trends on the Rise in 2017

Like other trends, dating trends come and go. Flirtatious chat rooms and the classic dinner-and-a-movie have been replaced by the latest dating app and Netflix-and-chill. While romance is as old as time itself, it's always helpful to know the temperature of the dating pool before jumping in. We've prepared a list of the three most popular dating trends in 2017. Keep reading to know what to expect! 

Women making the first move

More than ever, women are making the first move when it comes to dating. Surveys have shown that men find it incredibly sexy when a woman makes the first move. Additionally, when polled, many men have expressed a desire for women to offer to pay or split the bill on a first date.


"Ghosting", "benching" and "breadcrumbing" have given way to 2017's favorite way to mess with someone else's feelings. While most of us date because we're looking to create long and meaningful relationships, "cushioning" is the term being used to describe keeping one's options open while in a main (read: exclusive) romantic relationship in order to cushion the blow of a break-up. Although some have argued that cushioning is a way to minimize the pressure placed on a budding relationship, there's nothing cool about flirting behind your partner's back. 


Although polyamory is nothing new, in the past year, it has really exploded in mainstream media and pop culture. Once considered relatively taboo, many millennials are choosing polyamory - defined as consensual non-monogamy - over monogamy. While polyamory may work for some folks, it certainly won't work for all, which is why it's important to know how your partner feels--and how you feel, too! 

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