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4 tips to keep in mind when looking for love online

Dating, on its own, is complicated enough, but introducing the mystery that is online dating can make it plain intimidating. However, virtual dating is quite fun and easy when approached in the right way. So, how do you go from signing up to finding the perfect match in the online dating world?

Here are a few things you need to know when looking for love on the web.

Your profile picture

It certainly takes strategy to stand out in the vast sea of online daters. And the first step towards achieving this is through the creation of a great profile – which, obviously, includes a great photo. So, what makes a great profile photo? As a rule of thumb, leave out group photos that make it difficult for potential suitors to identify you. Instead, get a headshot in which you are smiling. Your profile photo should be all about you. Do not have more than five photos in your profile and be sure to include one that captures your entire body.

Your profile

Your primary goal is to create an engaging profile that not only makes you stand out but also attracts interest and makes other people want to know and, possibly, meet you. To achieve this, you need to “talk about yourself in anecdotes.” Instead of mentioning that you love to travel (which most people will do), talk in detail about your favorite destinations. This will give your audience a richer picture of who you are. Use uplifting and positive tones, while steering clear of sarcasm.

Figure out the major deal breakers

Truth is, we all have a thing or two we certainly do not want in a partner. Coming up with a list of reasonable deal breakers, such as lack of clear goals in life or drug use, at the onset of the relationship can help you avoid heartbreaks down the road. This is also an opportunity for self-reflection. Personal habits such as orderliness, punctuality and thriftiness are some of the most common deal breakers.

Getting ready for the first date

At some point, you will need to meet for a real date. When that time comes, you will definitely want to make a great first impression. Here are the basics: dress modestly, be polite, be a great communicator. Even if the first date does not go as planned, do not worry. Everyone's been there. Still, on a first date, it is important that you know more about your date before meeting them. And this has nothing to do with stalking or being creepy. A little online research should help you vet your date and stay safe when meeting them. A simple search in the public records can help you verify whether your date is really who they say they are.

Virtual dating presents a unique and convenient opportunity for individuals to meet new people and potential life partners from the comfort of their living rooms, or mobile devices. One great platform for online dating is BYBER – an online dating application designed for users who are in the mood to meet someone new, or just interact with friends. Get BYBER today and connect with old friends while enlarging and enhancing your social life.

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