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How to build strong communication in relationships

Relationships aren't always easy, especially if you met on an online dating site. However, they are often made harder by a lack of communication. How do you make it better? And how do you make the online dating scenario last? Whether it's about money, personal values, or a need for something in the relationship, communication is often at the heart of the issue.

Have a clear mindset

One thing to keep in mind as you communicate with the person you are dating, is that communication starts with a mindset. Both of you are a team. If you get into an argument with your significant other and you go into it thinking of your loved one on the other side, you will almost never come out ahead. Instead, try approaching these issues with a sense of 'this is the situation, we should work together to build a solution'.

Set communication rules

Remember, online relationships can be very volatile when you start since you don’t really know each other. When you communicate, sometimes arguments get messy and communication goes out the window. To solve this, set up rules you can both agree to at the start of the discussion. Here are some examples: 

• No inappropriate language
• No name calling
• Start claims with 'I feel like' so that it feels less like an attack on the other person
• No interrupting

Sometimes not all of these are possible but it’s important to make sure you feel understood and not attacked. This applies not just to arguments but to everyday conversations. 

Pay attention to each other

Communication is important outside of disagreements as well. Building communication now can even make arguments easier to handle in the future. Here is how to build communication outside of arguments: 

• Ask how the other's day was and be sure to listen
• When making plans make sure the other person knows about it
• Give them 100% attention when they are talking to you - this means no playing games on your phone when they are telling you something. 

Communication is an important part of relationships - the good and the bad times - so make sure you and your partner know you can talk to each other openly and work together as a team to build better communication in your relationship.

Finding the perfect match

Improving communication is one thing, but finding the perfect match to communicate with is another. With Byber, you get to meet different people looking for love and companionship. The app helps you to match yourself with someone you share things in common with, so your communication should be effortless and seamless.

BYBER Team 😉

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