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Ways to cultivate real intimacy in your relationships

Online dating is a tool that arrived to enhance human interaction. However, it’s not a quick fix for real intimacy. What online dating platforms do is that they help us attract individuals with similar needs and intentions. Consequently, we’re able to create stable and lasting connections. But the responsibility of creating real intimacy remains on us. Factors such as time can enhance intimacy. Time, coupled with the following, can help you establish a lasting relationship with your date and bring them closer to your heart.


Men think in terms of the destination while women think in terms of process or journey. Men often think building intimacy begins at the actual date while women understand romance starts before the actual date. For women, how you ask her out for the date, how you communicate the excitement of the date, compliment her appearance, and the kind of conversation you hold on the actual date all contribute to verbal intimacy.

Openness and honesty

It is universally attractive to express ourselves for who we are and be seen that way. From the onset of your relationship, make it your purpose to have open and honest communication. Often, this begins as early as your profile by stating what you’re genuinely looking for. It is easier to pretend who we are especially when we project what a potential mate may be looking for in us.

Emotional power

Emotions play a significant role in building intimacy. However, we feel distant from one another when our lives are facing turmoil. Most people would instead react in anger and frustration when we feel our mate is acting out negative attitude or character. This only agitates the entire situation and build walls between us. Instead, show your partner that you'd love and care for them no matter which emotional state they'll be in.


Empathy goes hand in hand with emotional support as well as open and honest communication. Human beings can only communicate honestly if they have empathy for themselves. And if we learn to give compassion to ourselves, we’re able to give it to others. People feel a connection develop if they sense they’re being received empathically.

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