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5 tips for effective communication in a relationship

Communication is the conveyance of information from one place to another. When you are in a relationship, effective communication helps you to explain what you are going through or what you need to someone else. Communication process not only allows you to meet your needs but it also enables you to become more connected to your partner and invested in your relationship. To facilitate effective communication while dating, here are four tips to help you build a lasting relationship.

Have customary bonding time

Avoid spending all your free time together just watching TV or involved in other activities. Try and hang out together just talking and showing affection to each other. Hanging out in this way builds the kind of closeness that will promote honesty and vulnerable conversations.

Address emotions as soon as you can

Whether it a positive or negative issue that's bothering you, never delay talking it out. Ensure you calmly describe how or why you might be feeling this way. If you are asked, "What's bothering you?" you should never respond with "Nothing" or any other non-committal answer. This is because your issue can't be resolved if the two of you don't know the full story.

Set your expectations early

If there is anything that you want out of the relationship, or feel is an essential quality in a partner or a relationship, make it known as early as possible. Also, share if you regularly need some alone time or if you want to be monogamous and if consistent sex is a priority for you. Ensure you open up about all your relationship concerns from the start through action and communication. Ensure you encourage the other party to share their expectations too.

Essential talks should be in private and in person

Although face-to-face conversations may be uncomfortable, it's the only appropriate way they should be addressed. Emails, phone calls and SMS may not be the right mediums since a lot can be misunderstood and lost through text. But in-person conversations give an ideal time for both parties to explain their part. You MUST avoid public confrontations since you will not put your partner at ease by having an emotional conversation while people are watching and risk making a problem worse.

Never make assumptions

Avoid jumping to conclusions about why your partner acted in a particular way or making assumptions about how he or she feels. A simple question could well save you a lot of headaches and may get your partner to open up to you. In short, it can drive you insane to dwell on a thousand different possibilities. 

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Embrace these five tips to building effective communication in a relationship and the dating process will run much more smoothly and be more enjoyable. If you're still looking for the one, why not get started on Byber dating app today?

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