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Five signs a second date is a great idea

If you’re single, you know how hard it is to get a second date. Oh, there are plenty of first dates, many even turn into hour-long conversations. At the end of the day, though, no matter how much you like the other person, there’s just no spark. Then, there are times the other person just isn’t into you as much as you thought. You’re left wondering how you didn’t know. Not every encounter goes from a quick drink to a long walk, followed by intense kissing in the parking lot. Here are five things that indicate the first date will likely lead to a second one, and hopefully more.

You think they’re hot

Give it a little time. Sometimes, you might not be immediately attracted to someone, but then they have an amazing personality or a super sexy voice. This goes both ways. If they aren’t looking at you “that way,” there isn’t going to be a second date. 

You are laughing (a lot)

You shouldn’t hear the clock ticking or remember what was happening in the venue better than your date's conversation. Boring people are an energy drain. So, if you or your date are not laughing, shut it down fast.

They ask intelligent questions about you

During the conversation, is your wannabe paramour listening and asking for more details? Someone who isn’t interested will listen without probing to learn more about you. However, when people ask questions about your life, there are interested in getting to know you better. That’s second date gold.

They talk about more than themselves

People who are self-absorbed can go on and on about their friends, their pets and the morning commute. Look for a partner who actively participates in conversations about world events and topics you are passionate about. When you are on a date with someone who’s engaged and excited, it’s fun. It makes you want to know more about them. Score!

They're positive and open-minded

No one wants to date someone who hates everything and thinks everyone else is stupid. Try to keep conversation positive. A negative person will turn every topic into a diatribe of why that restaurant, person or football player sucks. Leave them in their cloud of negativity and don’t look back. If your date offers thoughtful opinions and tries to look on the bright side of most issues, you’ve got yourself a successful second date candidate.

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