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Is a date bad just because it's casual?

Dating apps and online dating have changed the way that we ask for and accept dates, but they haven't changed how we meet people. If at the end of a first date you can't decide if it was successful or not because the meeting was so casual, you can be forgiven for the confusion. Movies and television have sold us on the instant sparks and the prospect of love at first sight, but sometimes first meetings are not as exciting. However, a casual first date may have just as much of a chance of evolving into a loving relationship as a romantic one. 

Be honest about the reasons for the date

There isn't just one reason to go on a date, so it is important that you evaluate the first date reasonably. A date may just be a way to avoid boredom, have a good time, or even just hook up without having to measure success on how it matches the picture of a romantic evening in our minds. What were your reasons for asking for or accepting this date? Did you enjoy yourself? Was the evening stimulating? Being honest with yourself is as important as being honest with the other person.

Do you want something serious right off the bat?

While a serious relationship may be your ultimate goal, is it wise to jump right to it when you don't know the other person that well. A casual meeting may not be what you envisioned, but that may be a good sign much more than a cause for disappointment. Getting to know another person shouldn't be burdened so heavily with expectation. Maybe there are sparks that haven't yet ignited. Some people only develop a passion for another gradually, as trust and feelings of security are important to them.

Remember that no relationship survives without embracing the casual

No matter how hot and passionate a relationship is, eventually the couple needs to embrace the casual to survive. There are going to be those nights where you order take out or just watch television. If you enjoyed your first casual meeting with your date, it could be a good sign that you will have what it takes to settle into this comfort zone with your potential partner.

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