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3 conversation topics you should always avoid on a first date

Things have been going really well with someone you've been talking to on BYBER, and now you've arranged that all-important first date. Great! It's natural that you're probably feeling nervous, but sometimes nerves can cause us to blurt things out that we would never normally say. The last thing you want to do is offend your date on your first ever get-together, so here are a few topics you should definitely avoid.

Negative comments about their appearance

Even if they look completely different to their online picture, their hairstyle doesn't look right or you can't understand why they've turned up wearing that hideous Hawaiian shirt, don't be tempted to drop any hints about your disapproval. Chances are your date has spent a long time in front of the mirror getting ready with the hope of impressing you, and you don't want to make them feel uncomfortable. Think about how offended you would be if they made any comments about how you look, and always keep their feelings in mind.

How much you're dying to get married and have kids

Even if you've been talking for a while online, it's best to keep to lighter topics on your first date, like favorite movies and music. They might seem like the person you've been waiting for your whole dating life, but coming on too strong too soon could scare them off, or make you seem slightly desperate. Just sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know someone without thinking too far into the future.

Details about their dating life

Try not to get too hung up about your date's dating life straightaway. Although you'll probably be curious to know how many dates they've been on recently, how many relationships they've been in or how long they've been single for, the truth may only make you worry, which will definitely put a downer on your date. Save those questions for later on, when you've got to know them a lot better and could perhaps see something long term progressing.

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