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3 ideas for a unique first date

If you have a date coming up with a BYBER match, you may have already started planning your dinner and movie date. Who doesn't love a nice meal and some entertainment? However, if you want to stand out to your date and do something far more memorable, it's time to plan a date that your dating app match hasn't been on before. 

The outdoors

A fun date for anyone who is the least bit athletic is to have a hiking date. Hiking allows for plenty of conversation and a chance to get to know each other as you both reach the destination. It's also a great way to spend time with your date outside of the picture-perfect restaurant location that so many first dates take place in. It's more casual, it's a fun activity, and you'll certainly know each other much better when its over. 

Taking classes

Virtually every city and town has fun classes that adults can take to improve their skills in a variety of subjects. Taking a cooking class together is a fun way to brush up on cooking skills while spending time together and talking. Taking an art class is a helpful way for creative people to get together and have fun. Find out about the classes available near you and see which one you and your BYBER app match would enjoy most. 

Volunteer work

Though it may sound like a tough job, doing volunteer work with your date shows your altruistic side. Volunteering at an animal shelter or community garden together allows you to talk, do some good for the community and find out how the other person feels about social causes. There are countless organizations that can always use volunteers, and the work you do will always be appreciated. 

Make it memorable

There are some dinner-and-movie dates that are perfect for your wishes and expectations. However, don't let every date be the same format if you want to be memorable. Try a fun and interesting first date and a more standard second date to see which works best for both of you. You certainly won't be forgotten by your date!

BYBER Team 😉

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