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3 pictures to put up and 3 to take down from your dating profile

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and not matter what dating app you use it is clear that the profiles that get the responses are the ones that have good pictures. However, what makes a good picture for your dating profile? Today we are going to help you out. Here are three pictures you should put up and three you should take down from your dating profile.

Take Down: The Bathroom Mirror Selfie

This is the post overused dating profile pic, but there are a lot of reasons why it doesn't work. One is that bathroom lighting is usually positively the worst lighting to take a picture in. Another is that the selfie is a more intimate portrait that is best to send to someone who you already know a little better. It makes that selfie feel like a gift for only them, rather than a shout-out to the whole world.

Put Up: A Portrait Shot By A Good Friend

Instead, have a good friend take a pic of you with your phone, and give them a smile that shows just how you feel about them. It is an honest way to let your most friendly self shine through and it will be captured by the camera. 

Take Down: A Picture Of You With Three Friends

You don't need to document proof that you have friends, and in a dating profile, the focus should be you. The person who is visiting doesn't know what you look like, and you shouldn't give them guesswork as to which one you are.

Put Up: A Picture Of You Doing Your Favorite Activity

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a picture of you rock climbing will let your prospective date know that about you much better than just some fine print at the end of your description.

Take Down: The Picture Of You Doing Shots At The Bar

While we all want to give the impression that we are fun-loving, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.

Put Up: A Candid Shot

Surprisingly, some of the best pictures are the ones when you are caught unaware. A random pic of you playing with your pet or taking a nap in a hammock can be the most charming part of a profile, so let a friend play private detective.

So go out there and take those pictures if you haven't already, and put them up on BYBER today!

BYBER Team 😉

Photo: camera by 一人寿司-Hitori Sushi licensed under Creative commons 5