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3 tips for those matches without initial attraction

You may have experienced this phenomenon either at work or school: as you become fonder of someone you weren't interested in at first, your interest in them starts rising and they become more and more attractive to you over time. 

The trick behind this is that, despite a lack of initial physical attraction, the admirable qualities that these people hold make them more likeable to you. Maybe you started to love the way they dress, their sense of humor or their interest in your work, to mention but a few. And, because of this, your affection slowly transitioned into a fatal attraction. 

You can also create the same impact in the exciting world of online dating with three easy tips:

It's okay to wait a little while to meet up

Being brutally honest, some of your matches aren't people you think are jaw-droppingly hot when you first see their profile pictures. But, in the same way that people who you know in real life get more attractive as you get to know them, it's a good idea to get to know someone better through messaging or talking with them before you plan an official date. 

Keep exchanging funny videos or links to your favorite songs and show off your sparkling personality. A sense of humor is almost universally attractive, so even if you're not the most confident in your looks, your magical personality should help you seal the deal. Meeting in person will only help - face to face conversation is the best way to find if you and your date click.

Never compare your matches to each other

No matter how deep a connection you think you desire with people, it's impossible not to judge them, at least on some level, based on their looks. If you compare your matches to each other based on physical appearance, you'll probably be doing some of them a disservice - looks aren't everything, and personality matters. Even comparing your matches' profiles for interests and hobbies is a poor substitute for how they truly are, so give them a shot based on their individual merit.

A cool personality matters

When you're about to schedule a date with a new person, your personality counts a lot. It's natural to feel self-conscious about your appearance, but try and focus on qualities beyond those that are skin deep. Get in a party mood to have some fun and show off your best side - all the unique qualities that make you increasingly likeable and attractive toward your date. They won't hesitate to ask you out for another date next time!

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