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4 ideas for a date you'll never forget

Of all the dates you’ve been on in your life, which ones do you still talk about today? While bars and pubs are great places to meet people from a dating app like Byber - they are public, safe, you can talk one on one and have a few drinks to settle the butterflies - they all follow the same formula. Unless something really interesting happens, you’re likely to forget them. So, shake things up a bit! Here are some ideas to make your dates a little more interesting.

Cocktail-making class

If you’re keen to keep alcohol in the mix, try a cocktail-making class. These have been surging in popularity lately, and are not too expensive. You’ll get to work together creatively, picking ingredients that you both like and finding a name for your new invention. There will be fun, laughs and spills aplenty - and, of course, you get to drink the fruits of your labor, too.

A morning rave

If you’re a morning person and are looking for the someone who shares this love of the morning, weed out the night owls by suggesting a morning rave. Starting around 8am, these are fairly similar to their night time counterparts - the bar only serves smoothies and soft drinks, but you get a packed dance floor and happy people all around you, dressed in their finest party-wear. They are so popular now that they often attract big-name DJs.

Indoor skydiving

It’s hard to persuade someone you’ve never met to jump out of a plane. However, you can get an equally impressive adrenaline spike from indoor skydiving. Studies have shown that when people do fear-inducing activities together, it helps them bond. The fact that you helped each other through a scary experience help build rapport. 

10 venues challenge

How many venues do you visit on a typical date? One or two, maybe? Time to step this up a notch! Take the 10 venues challenge - as the name implies, you visit 10 different places in one date. Be creative here - you don’t have to visit 10 bars! You could stop at a museum, or do a tour de food and order a starter to share in a few restaurants. You’ll have packed so much experience into one night that you’ll feel like you’ve known each other for much longer than you actually have.

If you're ready to try out some of these date ideas, why not start messaging people on Byber now to find that special someone?

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Cocktails :) by Shehan Obeysekera licensed under Creative commons 4