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4 red flags to pay attention to when dating...

We've all heard dating horror stories about how the first outing ended early because someone acted in a way that made their date cringe in disgust or tremble in outright fear. Yet the worst stories often involve incidents that happened after that initial meet-up. All of the warning signs were likely there during the first date. Check out social opportunities with other people through our BYBER dating app if a date:

Looks drastically different

If your date looks nothing like the person in the photo they shared on their profile, you should reconsider going out on a second date even if the first one goes well. Why? They lied to you once already. This type of behavior increases the risk that they will lie again in the future.

Chooses for you

Some people try to make all of the choices for you even on the first date. For example, they pick the date location or meal selection without your input. They talk over or interrupt you when you try to make a suggestion, or they repeatedly imply that their ideas are the "right ones." In the long run, this type of person can undermine your sense of self and make you co-dependent.

Talks negatively often

Many people have strong critical opinions. These opinions become a problem when your date puts down everyone and everything, including their family, friends, co-workers and strangers. When the first date is filled with complaints, it's likely every date after and life with this person would be the same. In the worst case scenario, this behavior also suggests that the person might become verbally or physically abusive.

Ignores your presence

If your date repeatedly fails to pay attention while you're talking, then you're likely dealing with a self-absorbed individual. This type of person might repeatedly look at their phone or check their appearance in mirrors when they should be focused on you. Self-absorbed people care little about the needs of others. Save yourself from a life of want and find a more supportive person via our BYBER app.

BYBER gives you fantastic tools for making initial connections that can lead to lasting relationships. As with any dating experience, it's up to you to recognize people who might cause you physical or emotional harm. That said, our convenient messaging system also makes it easy to instantly ask for an intervention from members of your social network if you need help ending a date that's going nowhere.

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