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4 unusual dating tips you haven't heard before

Dating is tricky! Most of the dating tips you've seen online are probably just rehashes of what you already know, but here are four dating tips you probably haven't heard before. 

Start off with relaxation

If you have some time before your date and you're not running straight from work, relax before your date instead of getting amped up. Instead of stressing out about what exactly you're going to wear and then running late, wear an outfit you've worn before, one which you know looks good on you. 

Take some time before getting ready to put on a face mask, read a book, or perform another favorite relaxing ritual that you have. It'll calm your nerves in advance, and your date will notice. 

Don't play it cool

Don't try to impress your date! This might sound counterintuitive, but it's actually not. When you try to impress someone, you're not likely to show off your true personality. Instead, don't try to impress them. Just be who you are, and see if you hit it off then. You'll make them more comfortable, and you're more likely to get an accurate read on whether you actually like each other. 

Focus on your body language

Body language plays a big role in interpersonal relationships – bigger than you might expect! Your body telegraphs subtle signals that let others know how you're feeling. You might not even notice that you're doing it, but you can certainly get a feeling for someone else based on their physicality. 

Focus on making your body relaxed and open – that is, not crossing your arms or otherwise closing yourself off. You'll seem engaged in what your date has to say, and not bored or uninterested.

Be fully engaged

Yes, even when they talk about how much they love their job as an insurance auditor. Be fully engaged in what they're saying by making eye contact and asking follow-up questions. Don't look at your phone or otherwise signal disinterest. 

This works for two reasons: firstly, if you're engaged in what they're saying, your date will see you in a more positive light. Most people just want to be heard, so actively listening to them helps them feel good about themselves. The other reason this is a good strategy is that engagement and active listening are important skills to have everywhere in your life, not just in dating. If you know from the start that this date isn't for you, it's still a chance to focus and practice active listening.

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Photo: Relaxing by Christina zur Nedden licensed under Creative commons 4