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4 ways to turn casual dating into a romantic relationship

Causal dating happens all the time, especially between people who meet on a dating app such as Byber app. Casual dating can be fun because the partners are free to flirt, date or sleep with others. 

Whenever feelings get involved and a partner becomes emotionally attached, he or she may decide they want a relationship instead. 

Here are four ways you can turn your casual dating into a romantic relationship even if you met on

Be irresistible!

Irresistible people are hard to avoid, and that’s a no-brainer. It may be your behavior, speech or mannerisms that create such an undeniable attraction. Being physically attractive, financially and emotionally independent, fun, and friendly may make you even more alluring. The next thing your partner will be suggesting is an update to relationship status. 

Talk about it

Have a lighthearted talk with your partner to see if there is a mutual interest in exploring a relationship. If you have been dating for months, then the time may be right. 

Be as open and honest as you can about the type of relationship you want. You may uncover that your partner has commitment issues or is generally not ready for a relationship. If the odds are in your favor, you may both realize you are ready to take things to the next stage! 

Show your feelings

People are sometimes afraid to show their feelings to avoid rejection or getting hurt. So, they keep things casual. But, if they know the other person has feelings of affection for them, this may break down their proverbial walls.

If you are emotionally into your partner, admit your feelings and then show them. This can transform your casual dating into a relationship commitment. 

Show commitment

“Commitment” and “relationships” go together like bees and honey. Signs of commitment may make the other person feel secure. Start by agreeing to dates and following through. Be more available to spend quality time together. Regular communication, through texts, calls or email, is also a great way to say, “I’m in this long-term.”

Whatever you do, be respectful and avoid making your partner feel pressured to commit. After all, dating and relationships should happen naturally and be fun!

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