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5 great first date ideas

You have found a date on Byber, but one thing still lingers in the air, wrecking your brain: where will you go for your first date? First dates are critical when it comes to forming relationships with a romantic interest. A first date serves as an introduction, especially when it comes to online dating. You want to put your best foot forward, to not only leave a great impression but also guarantee a second date.

The trick to selecting a great first date is picking a fun, interactive, and inexpensive activity that will keep both you and your date engaged while still allowing room for conversation. Here are some first date ideas that break the norm of traditional dinner dates. 

Go to a museum

Museums are a great place to get lots of conversation flowing out of both of you. There are lots of things to see, not to mention lots of information to learn. Here, you and your date can share lots of knowledge that you have about relevant things you see, giving the impression that you are intelligent. Remember, intelligence is the new sexy.

Comedy open mic at a bar

Nothing says great first date than sharing lots of laughs, so attend a comedy open mic at any bar. Sit back and enjoy lots of laughter and drinks. The great thing about this idea is that it takes the edge off meeting someone new. Also, smiling looks great on everyone. 

Take a walk in the park

Walking is a great way for getting your cardio done and also a great first date idea. Both of you can take a stroll down an area with a scenic view. Visit beaches or streets with interesting graffiti art. Visit wherever interests you. This provides you with a lot of room to just talk and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. 

Play games

Playing games is an exciting and interactive way to get your strangers out of their shell. Games range from arcade games and paintball to geocaching. These activities require you to team up together and attain a particular goal. 

Do crafts together

Several local centers offer free arts and craft lessons to members of the public. Head on down there and enroll in a class for a day.

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Photo: Meadowlark Gardens - HDR by ♡ dare to share beauty licensed under Creative commons 4