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Signs they're not really into you

We've all been there… You're dating someone you really like but they don't reply to your messages, they break off plans and won't commit to anything serious. You might have ignored the cracks because you really like them, but do you really want to waste your time on someone who, let's face it, just isn't really into you? Take a look at the following warning signs, and remember that if you've been on the receiving end of any of these, there are so many other people to meet out there – just see for yourself with BYBER.

They take ages to respond to your messages

You can't understand how it takes them so long to reply to your message when you've been waiting by the phone for days, only to get a lame “Sorry, I forgot”. Perhaps they've been busy? Maybe they've had a lot of work to do? Or maybe they just aren't interested.

Arranging concrete plans is practically impossible

It always seems to be you asking when they're available for the next date, and you're met with reason after reason why they just can't make it. From a doctor's appointment to their gran's funeral, you've probably heard every excuse in the book.

And when plans are actually made, they cancel last minute

You've probably spent all day, no, all week thinking about the next time you get to see them, only to receive a lame message saying they can't make tonight because it's their friend's birthday. Better put that new outfit back in your wardrobe.

They won't commit to anything serious

You've already planned your entire wedding day in your head, but they won't even agree to meet your family or friends, never mind sit down and discuss exclusivity. How much longer can you listen to “I'm just not ready yet”?

They look for any excuse to bring their ex into the conversation

“My ex and I used to come here,” “My ex had brown hair,” “My ex loved that type of cereal.” You might have learned more about their ex than you have about them! If they're constantly thinking about someone else, then (harsh as it sounds) they're probably not thinking about you.

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