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5 Top ways to avoid the dreaded friendzone

Ever wondered if nightmares come true? The friendzone is the most prominent proof. Guys hate how girls conveniently mislead and cage them into believing they’re interested in a relationship while in truth they aren’t. This phenomenon typically happens to decent people who haven’t always even had the chance to voice their feelings out loud. What hurts most is the thought of losing out when the problem was fixable. So, what can you do to avoid falling into this trap again? Continue reading below.

Flirt with her

Flirting is a fun and playful way of letting a woman know you’re into her without being blunt. You can use your natural charisma to flirt with her by taking an interest in her hobbies and showing your sense of humor. If you have confidence issues flirting with her in person, try messaging her using dating apps like Byber.

Avoid being the one doing the chasing every-time

Note that this doesn’t involve waiting for two days to reply to her messages or canceling plans with her as this is being plain rude. Pay more attention as to who is doing the pursuing more. If it’s you over 90% of the time, then you’re slowly setting yourself as a desperate person who will always be available. Stop pursuing her aggressively for a while and watch what happens. If she starts texting or calling you to ‘check on you,’ you’re safe. If she doesn’t, well – too bad for you, sorry.

Avoid certain topics with her

Avoid engaging with her on topics of her exes, her long-distance boyfriend, or her crushes. You shouldn’t tolerate it; otherwise, you’ll become her new BFF.

Take her on a date

Be brave and ask her out on a date. Your bravery to ask might be the secret potion for her allowing you into her life. Rejections are part of the game and shouldn’t discourage you in future. If she says no, try again after some time until you’re sure you aren’t what she’s looking for.

Don’t jump in with your feelings

At least in the first instance, you should refrain from telling her how you feel. You should save it for special occasions like during a date in a conducive atmosphere. Tell her bit by bit and make her wait for more from you.

Even as you pursue her while avoiding the dreaded friend-zone, observe how she responds. If she shrinks away from you, you don’t have to look stubborn or creepy. Don’t be too forward unless you’re receiving some positive signs from her. If you feel she’s almost friend-zoned you, simply walk away and look for another girl who’ll value your love.

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