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6 tips for successful online dating

It does not matter whether you need a refresher on how to enhance your profile or are new to online dating, the advice you receive here will help you realize success. 

Your profile photos speak volumes

Profile photos score big for you. Post photos with smiling faces as it generates a first impression. Smile as you look straight into the camera. Show your teeth in an open, confident, healthy and friendly manner. 

Keep the photos fresh and swap the primary photo regularly - admirers who gave you a pass before are more likely to give you a second glance. The photo should look real life; do not airbrush to avoid confusion. 

Stay safe when online

Treat online dating like you would a stranger you meet in real life. Before you give them more information like vital personal details, think first about the dangers that action presents. Exercise caution with the things you say concerning yourself, as the information can help track you on other social media platforms. Therefore, do not use a profile photo that appears elsewhere on the internet, to protect your privacy. 

Send the first message

This enables the person take a second look at the profile. Write a few introductory messages to other new admirers. Keep the message short and do not use heavy talk. Avoid bringing your emotional baggage at this point in time. 

Be more active on Sundays

Sundays are the best times to stay online. It is the peak time for users, especially on Sunday afternoons. Dedicate at least half an hour every evening for online dating. Set a limit and make each effort count. 

Have an open mind

In online dating, expect to speak to few people at once. Just be honest and you can set a meeting to find out whether there is enough chemistry. Get to your first date as fast as possible. It only requires exchanging two or three messages before you suggest a meeting. Face-to-face meeting enables you to know if you have feelings for each other. 

Keep going

Online dating is an enjoyable experience and enables you to meet more friendly and nice people, some of whom you do not fancy. You might go on 30 different dates before you meet that special someone who makes your happy. Keep your hopes up always and enjoy the dating process.

BYBER Team 😉