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Blind dates: Why they are so risky

Stepping into the dating scene is a huge risk to take. Just like riding a bicycle for the first time, the chances of going on a blind date are numerous. What makes these occasions particularly terrifying is the unknown. Naturally, people fear situations that they haven't encountered before, and for blind dates, it's a matter of how they look or act.

You didn’t choose them

If you have gone through the experience of internet dating and haven't found it pleasant, then your next hope might be in being set up. Parents and friends typically set you up with suitors they think you might find attractive and their intentions are good, but if they don't know your type, then you might be headed for a disaster. Before you start planning your escape, find out a little bit about the other person. Details like their occupation or how old they are can help to gauge the kind of person you're going to meet. So after all the preparation you've done, why are you still anxious? 

Having high expectations

Perceptions are everything to us. We like to make a good first impression, and the same exact thing reciprocated, right? Most people don't make great first impressions, so they easily get turned away. Bad habits like showing up late, asking very personal questions and not dressing up for the right kind of date are a turndown. These things are what makes blind dates so risky and scary. When we set the bar too high, we often get disappointed when others don't meet our standards. It's important to set neutral expectations. That way you either get impressed or not, but in either case you realize that you did not put too much thought into it.


It's very normal to feel a little anxious about meeting someone new. Let's face it, we're not all as charming and charismatic as the next guy, but being overly worried won’t give off a good first impression. You know why? Because when you’re anxious, you tend to get too chatty or drink too much. Blind dating is taking a huge risk, like walking into a dark room and not knowing where the furniture is. The easiest way to put your best foot forward is to remain calm and keep the conversation flowing.

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