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Choosing the perfect profile picture for online dating

It's one of the most daunting tasks which we encounter on dating apps like Byber: determining which picture should be our profile picture. Although most of us would rather not be judged on a single picture alone, we know that it's important to catch the eye of potential matches. The real question is, how do we best attract the attention of other users? Do we go with a picture that shows us doing something that we're passionate about? Or do we go for the most flattering and good-looking picture?

Skip the extreme close-ups and cropped pictures

When it comes to dating app pictures, the least successful pictures are those that have been suspiciously cropped to exclude exes and friends. On a similar note, extreme close-ups perform poorly. Most likely to get matches are full body or landscape-style pictures. Potential matches like to see all of someone, so that they don't feel like something is being hidden - whether it is a former flame or a person's body type. 

To smile or not to smile? That is the question

Many of us are never sure whether to grin or keep a straight face when posing for a photograph. The answer to that question may have gotten clearer. Studies show that when it comes to dating apps, men prefer a picture of a woman smiling (that sultry pout may be less popular than we thought!). On the other hand, women prefer a picture of a man whose face shows emotional reservation and restraint. 

Show yourself having fun.

Another type of photo that yields plenty of matches? Those which feature dating app users participating in fun activities, such as sports, outdoor excursions, or nightlife. They're more likely to yield matches with similar interests. Not only do such photos depict users as real people with more to offer than good looks; they can also be great conversation starters. 

Ultimately, though, it's important for you to choose a profile with which you feel comfortable, and which you think will attract like-minded individuals. Represent yourself in a way with which you are comfortable with a picture that makes you feel confident.

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