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Choosing the right nightlife for date night

Whether it's your first date or you've been together for decades, it's always important to choose the right spot for date night. It can be tricky to find places that encourage conversation, are neither too fancy nor too cheap, and above all make for a fun night. Here's a few ideas to help you and your date have a great time:


Depending on where you live, you might not have too many choices, but try to pick a bar that works for your style; bars that are too loud, rowdy, or play music you can't stand are probably bad choices. And of course, always drink responsibly, especially if you're driving.


The trouble with movies is that you can't talk, which makes it hard to get to know each other. They can be a great chapter of the evening, but they shouldn't be the whole date; try to go somewhere else afterwards to discuss it.


Concerts have the same problem as movies: you can't really talk until afterwards. Crowded rock concerts can be particularly crazy, and it can be easy to get separated. However, these can be some of the most fun events in peoples' lives, and if you're both fans of a performer, sharing a concert experience can create a meaningful memory.


Bowling is a great option for dates; it's good, wholesome fun, it's usually reasonably priced, and it encourages conversation. However, many people get burned out after a game or two, so unless you and your partner are avid bowlers, be sure to have a backup plan.


If you live in a city, why not just walk around and see where the night takes you? This can make for a very romantic evening, but it does create pressure for relatively constant conversation, which can be intimidating on a first date. Obviously, stick to safe and well-lit areas.

Most importantly, don't overthink it. You're going out to have fun and get to know each other; the setting's not nearly as important as the connection between you and your date. A truly happy couple will have fun at the grocery store.

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