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Dating apps vs. meeting in bars

Do happy couples and lifelong friends first meet in bars? Of course; it happens all the time. However, for every one chance meeting at a bar that starts a great relationship, there are often plenty that we'd rather not have. Sometimes, it's a disaster from the first impression, and others, you can spend the whole evening getting to know someone and thinking it's going well, only to realize later that you're not compatible at all.

Breaking the ice

Dating apps can't do the work for you when it comes to getting to know someone; nothing will ever replace real interaction. However, they can go a long way when it comes to finding people who you're likely to get along with. By the time they meet, users will already have shared a few interests and know basic background information about one another, which can make it much easier to "break the ice" and then sustain a conversation.

Wide range of choices

Dating apps also offer users access to a much larger pool of potential partners than they could ever meet in person. This is a major advantage, whether you live in a less-populated rural area or a bustling city; in either case, you'd still probably never get to meet someone special who lives just one town over. In the way that not everyone goes to bars, not everyone uses dating websites or apps either, but in any given area you're sure to see more people online than at a tavern, you can quickly differentiate between ones you do or don't like.

Peaceful surroundings

Bars also sometimes present issues that can be easily avoided by meeting through an app. With a dating app, you can get to know each other through messaging without the annoyances of loud music, rowdy crowds or worrying about making it home safely. If you both like bars, then that could make for a great date, but you'll be glad you can enjoy a night out without juggling the often awkward "getting to know you" ritual.

Use Byber

Whether you're looking for love or just connecting with friends, apps like < can help you skip the craziness at bars and simply communicate and give you a head start in getting to know your potential life partner.

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