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Finding the right person in our "let's get it on culture”

There's no denying the across-the-board appeal of dating and meet-up apps like Byber, with their anonymity and opportunity to say in a few characters what you'd never find the nerve to say to someone's face. While 15% of the population has used a dating app, the percentage of users among millennials is higher; 22% of the 18 to 24-year-old group use a dating app. Apps reflect not only the time crunch we face in everyday life, but their increased use indicates there is less stigma attached to the idea of online dating and meet-ups, as we turn to our phones for our primary means of social interaction.

But at a time when we schedule dates the way we schedule a dentist appointment or steam through a sexual encounter faster than the drive-through java stop, how do you create and nurture deep ties with family, friends and coworkers? And when you do find THE ONE, how do you maintain strong friendships with the people you knew before that special person came along?

The big three relationship scenarios: romance, friendship and co-dependency

Friendship is where it starts

A friend is someone with whom you have shared respect, trust and mutual interests. You may have shared opinions or completely different feelings about everything, but the overriding standard is the faith you have in each other that you can listen, hear each other out and still agree to disagree.

Romance is where friendship might go

Some friendships go deeper than just trust, respect and mutual interests. They make that magical turn to love: there is mystery, excitement, the combination of jitters in your stomach and flutters in your heart that lead you to think you want to spend more than just casual time with this individual. 

Co-dependency is that turn you don't want to take. A relationship that rolls into co-dependency means one person is enabling or supporting the other's negative habits, whether those habits involve drugs, alcohol, random sex with strangers, physical or emotional abuse or chronic unemployment. Co-dependency is subtle, gradual and once involved, sometimes difficult to leave without professional help.

Looking for friends in all the right places

Finding and establishing solid friendships starts with going to places where people who think like you and have values similar to yours hang out. Whether you're a gamer or gardener, a fanatic soccer fan or science fiction writer, there are places to meet and people out there with the same interests. Among the hook-up and flirt apps, there are apps designed to help you connect with those who want to get to know you before they get to know you in the more Biblical sense. Some of the platonic apps include Partook, We and Friended.

Can men and women really be friends? 

Is there such a thing as platonic friendship between the sexes, whether you're involved with someone else or not? Yes, provided you know the difference between emotional intimacy and romantic intimacy. Emotional intimacy invests your relationships with the sense of a powerful connection minus the sexual attraction issue. You can be the "real you" with friends of the opposite sex when you forget the limitations of gender identity and consider one another as valued humans first and everything else second.

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BYBER Team 😉