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First date ideas for men: bowling date night

So you've just met a girl you like on Byber, and she's agreed to go out on a date. However, you’re keen to avoid the good old restaurant date because you know how formal, stagy and uninspiring it can feel. If you want to have fun while you get to know each other, it helps to pick an activity you're both likely to enjoy. So why not go bowling? Compared to other common date ideas, you can talk a lot more, laugh more and generally have a good time on a bowling date night. It’s a great way to get to know each other, and you might even learn a thing or two about the sport. 

The following tips (for men) can help you plan for a great date night experience when you go out bowling:

Pick the right day

It’s important that you schedule your date on a night that isn’t too crowded or hectic. Going on a date means you need some space to talk and get comfortable with each other. You may need to call the bowling center ahead of time to find out which days would be the best for your date. Saturdays should generally be avoided because not only will the place be crowded, but probably a little more expensive too.

Keep it light

Whether or not you are very good at bowling, you are there with your date to savor the experience, not to compete. So keep the competition between you light. If she understands the game a bit better than you, let her teach you. And if you understand the game better, show her how it’s done without making too much of a big deal out of it. You can use the bowling competition to get a little romantic. For example, doing a strike will be worth a kiss, while a spare means getting a hug.


Bowling presents a great opportunity to initiate some physical contact. You can try the old “let me help you” trick, where you get behind her, hold her hand, and help her bowl the ball down the lane. If you manage a strike, great, and if you don’t, who really cares? Through physical touch, you’ve just increased the attraction level between the two of you.

The great thing about bowling is it doesn't need to take up the whole evening either. That means if you hit things off, you're free to carry on the conversation over a meal or drinks.

BYBER Team 😉

Bowling by NickNguyen licensed under Creative commons 5