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First date tips for girls- how to rock that first date

First date tips for girls: how to rock that first date

Dating is a little game of courtship between potential lovebirds. Both of you may like each other, and share a couple of things in common. But when you are sitting just the two of you in a romantic set up, it is judgement time. So, when you are on a first date with a guy you really want to dazzle, keep these first date tips for girls in mind, and you will see how easy it is to impress this new man in your life.

Get the perfect outfit

Looking great is a big deal especially on the first date. That said, do not step out wearing a pair of shorts, a cocktail dress or a tight skirt if both of you are planning to go bowling or hiking. Dress appropriately, and most importantly, be comfortable. Make no mistake, you will feel and look sexy if you are comfortable. 

Make it easy on him

It is not unusual for a guy to fumble on a first date. If he does, forgive him. He is probably nervous because he is trying his best to impress you, and feeling conscious about it. It is okay to complement him now and then. Besides, this will help calm his nerves down. 

Ask questions too

When you are on a date, especially the first one, do not just sit back and take questions like you are in an interview. Ask him a few questions too, or even ask him to explain something he has mentioned. Make it a two-way conversation. Guys really like women who are genuinely interested in their lives, and he will be more than flattered to learn that you are interested in knowing more about his life.

How to say goodbye

The way you say goodbye to a guy at the end of your first date can make all the difference in the way he will remember the happy ending. If you've had a great time, and you like the guy, turn around and make eye contact as you walk away. Even blush a little as you walk on. This will certainly leave him hoping for more dates.

The first date can be many things. But most importantly, the first date you go on can be a potential opportunity for meeting the love of your life – the man you will probably spend the rest of your life with. Keep these tips in mind for your first date. Good luck!

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Photo: Woman's portrait by josehernandez84 licensed under Creative commons 5