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Five benefits of using dating apps

If you have been single and searching for love with the help of technology, chances are you have used a dating app. Aside from efficiency, dating apps tend to have more appealing and easy to use interfaces. Dating apps give users access to people based on a wide array of interests.

Here are five benefits of using dating apps to find love

Fast and efficient

Due to the nature of apps on phones, the interfaces are quite simple and easy to use, and the profiles are pretty precise and sweet. Besides, dating apps come with the portability factor, meaning that you can use them while on the bus or when waiting for an appointment. There is no doubt that dating apps make life a lot more flexible.

Display mutual friends

It is always a plus to meet a potential suitor through a friend, right? It's a lot like a letter of recommendation, or an IRL recommendation in this case. A dating app allows you to see the mutual friends in your circle, and this is important for creating a sense of comfort and trust. The closer your mutual friend connection is, and the context in which you are connected, the more likely you will feel that the person you are attracted to is actually normal and real. You will also have something, or someone, in common to talk about when you start communicating, which is great.

Easy to vet potential suitors

Thanks to the dating app’s tools, it is quite easy to determine if a match is right for you from the onset. The pictures they post, the songs they like and the friends you share can help you make a judgement on what you have in common.

Less is more

You already know that profiles on dating apps tend to be way shorter than those on dating sites, so every word and picture really matters. Generally, apps are a little more brief because they are designed for a smaller screen, where less is more. To succeed with a dating app, you have to develop a strong sense of accuracy. You have to highlight your key attributes and interests, helping you to evaluate what is really important.

Perfect for introverts

Truth is, introverts live amongst us. However, most introverts do great when interacting via dating apps. Dating apps are an introvert’s answered prayer!

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