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Four ways to indirectly ask for a date like a pro

So you met this person on BYBER, and you think there is chemistry between you since you have started talking. Well, talking to them online or on a dating site is one thing, getting their number is another thing, and getting to get them to go out on a date with you is an entirely different story. Many people have a hard time asking a person they just met out on a date for two reasons; the fear of rejection or being turned down and the awkwardness that can result in the process. 

While directly asking a girl or guy out earns you more points, it also leaves you exposed to feeling let down or rejected if they say no. Asking her out indirectly reduces rejection risks and eliminates uncertainties and may make you feel less bad if they say no. Plus, many people consider it smooth. So how do you ask for a date indirectly? 

Make suggestions

The strategy involves getting a date by making subtle, indirect suggestions, which makes the other person do what you want as an alternative. For example, you could ask them what they're doing that weekend. Then they will tell you their plans; maybe they're planning to go swimming. You've fancied visiting this great pool you've heard about for weeks now - why not suggest you try it out together?

Use their idea

This strategy involves making them feel like they came up with the request. Sometimes people just need a push - for example, you can ask them if they know the best place to get Italian food. 

Why not?

This approach makes people do what you want by putting them on defensive mode, and anyone can use it to get the other person to go out with them. It turns tables on them and has them try to come up with reasons to not go out with you, which in many cases is tough. You just suggest a new place and tell them you don’t see why both of you shouldn’t try it out. 

Challenge them

The trick here is to let them think they won. You could challenge them to do what you want them to do and think it's fun. A classic example is to challenge each other on who can make the best plans for a first date. The trick here is to explain your plan to the other person then let them explain their plan. Once they finish, let them feel like they won.

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