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Great topics of conversation for a first date

Everyone wants a date to have plenty of uncomfortable silences, right? Oh, wait - no one wants that. Part of your job on a date is to ensure that conversation flows so that you can each get to know each other. It can be instinctive to fill any silence or potential silence with plenty of talk about yourself. However, that's likely to bore your date. If you wouldn't like to go on a date on to listen to someone talk about themselves throughout it, chances are that your date wouldn't either.

Ask personal questions - but not too personal

One of the best ways to keep the conversation going is to ask your date about themselves. Once your date answers with a little conversation about the answer, you can give your own answer to this question. This keeps any awkward silences from building, and it helps you each get to know what you have in common. Just be sure that you don't ask questions that are very private or simply inappropriate to ask someone that you do not know well. 

Local questions

One of the safest questions to ask is about the local places your date likes to spend time. Do they like to go to local parks? Is there a great retail store that they like best? Have they tried the new restaurant downtown? Which bars are best in the area? All of these questions are great to ask because they help you get to know what your date likes to do, and they provide great openings for asking for another date. 

Talk about food

These days, everyone loves to talk food. Discussing recipes, interesting diets like paleo or vegan and talking about the hottest restaurants are always great icebreakers. You may find out that your date likes to cook or that you both like a popular new restaurant. 


We're living in a golden age of television, and that's what everyone talks about at the water cooler. So much TV content is available that virtually anyone has a slew of shows they just love to talk about. Ask questions about your favorite shows, what they thought of the last episode or whether they prefer to watch each week or binge on Netflix at the end of the season. You'll rarely have a quiet moment when you bring these conversations into your nightlife.

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BYBER Team 😉