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Have you considered lunch for that first date?

If you've met someone with the BYBER app, you're probably eager to meet up and agree on a time and place for a date. However, all of that comes with some anxiety for both parties. Some people get so nervous about asking someone they've met on a dating app out for a dinner date that they put it off or ask too late in the week when the other person is already booked for the weekend. What's the perfect solution? Make the first date a lunch date.

Casual, no-pressure atmosphere

Dating always comes with some nerves, but often that nervous energy is more pronounced during a quiet dinner date. Everything from your outfit to your manners to your choice of dinner is on display, and the conversation may falter due to nerves. If this has ever happened to you, having a nice lunch together is a great way to take the pressure off. Restaurants aren't as quiet at lunch time, and people tend to dress more casually. And, because it's early in the day, you can schedule other things to do together that day if the lunch goes well. 

If you aren't into bars, a restaurant lunch provides plenty of small meals without the bar scene that many restaurants take on at night. And, even an appetizer is enough for a lunch meal portion. If you have a tight budget, buying yourself and your date lunch will cost far less than buying full dinners. 

Break the ice

If you've been messaging a match you found on the BYBER app, talking about having a casual lunch date soon can break the ice when you want to ask for a date. It's an easy way to get to know each other and to see if more dates are something you both want. If the date goes well, spending time amongst your city's nightlife many not be far behind. If there are several people you want to get to know before you choose one to date full time, having lunch dates makes sense for getting to know them in a casual, no-pressure way that won't break your monthly budget.

BYBER Team 😉