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How to get a second date with a girl you like

It's easy for men to meet fun people for friendships, dating or relationships with the Byber dating app. What may not be as easy is getting a girl they like to go out on a second date. This is because it's easier for her to find other guys using the dating app.

To get your second date, you'll have to take some strategic actions, starting from the first outing. 

First impressions count

The first date is an opportunity to plant the seed for the next date. It's such a no-brainer. Women are smart. They will know what type of man you are from the very first meeting. So, be on your A-game and make a massive first impression on her. From the way you dress, smell, and speak to how you behave, all this will determine whether or not she'll date you again.

Get in her head

You can clear up any doubts she may have about dating you again by getting in her head. Compliment her looks. Make eye contact and listen when she speaks. Relax, smile, show your fun side, and flirt without coming on too strong. Women are attracted to guys with a great sense of humor, but are easily turned off by aggression. 

Remind her chivalry is alive

Be chivalrous, well-mannered, and patient. Open doors, pull out chairs, pick up the tab, and yes, stay off your phone! Be courteous when you speak, even to the waiters. Be respectful and generous by allowing her to order first and asking if she needs anything else.

Follow up right away

After the first date ends, plant the idea of her seeing you again. Tell her you had fun hanging out. You may even compliment her on how great she looked and mention how you won't mind seeing her lovely smile again. You could even speak in future terms and say something like, "there is this concert coming up next weekend. I think you’ll enjoy it."

Work these tips to secure your second date or you may find yourself right back at square one!

BYBER Team 😉

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