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How to handle rejection

The worst fear anyone has when it comes to throwing themselves back into the dating scene, is the thought of getting rejected. While concerns are obviously warranted, it's important to be realistic and understand that this could happen once in a while. Rejection hurts your self-esteem, but you shouldn't allow yourself to get caught up in the misery of it all. Below are some tips and advice on how to face rejection and come out on the other side.

Allow yourself to grieve

It can be hard to find a sense of understanding when all the plans and effort you had put into the relationship go to waste, after realizing that they were ‘not really into you’ or they weren't looking to get into a relationship all along. The best thing to do is to take some time off and process. In some cases, when they're just not ready for a relationship quite yet, there may even be a chance that they could eventually warm up to you if there are already some feelings there. However, there's no point in just sitting around hoping! Take the weekend off, go out with some friends or hang out with your family - but don't spend this time alone. Getting preoccupied with other things takes your mind off those negative feelings. 

Talk to someone who understands

Share your feelings with a trusted friend, counsellor or therapist. It's important to look for encouraging words or advice that will help you figure out what went wrong. Don't complain about it on social media either, as you will find that a lot of strangers will not offer genuine support, and you could end up feeling worse.

Respect their decision

It's always important to remember that no means no. The earlier you accept your ex-partner's decision, the less painful the process will be for you. It's also a sign of emotional maturity, so if you want to leave your ex-partner with positive memories of you as an individual, refusing to fight against the decision they've made is crucial. Remind yourself that the rejection is not personal, but rather a reflection of where your partner is in their life. Their decision does not speak negatively of you in any way. 

Learn from the experience

Reflect on the actions and advice you have received, and take time to realise what you have learnt from this event in your life. You could discover that your actions might have in some way led to your partner's rejection, or as is more likely the case that the other person simply wasn't the perfect fit for you. 

After you have fully come to terms with rejection and are ready to move on, it's important to think about meeting other people. One easy way to find like-minded individuals also looking for romance, is through BYBER. The new connections you make will help remind you that life can be fun again - you just have to be ready to find that out.

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