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How to increase your chances of finding dates online

Asking friends and family, going out to bars, and posting personals in newspapers are all outdated ways of dating. With the recent, widespread proliferation of technology, many hopefuls have opted for online dating rather than its traditional, unarguably outdated counterparts. 

Desktop platforms and mobile dating apps alike feature a number of benefits that traditional forms aren't associated with. Mobile apps can be accessed anywhere. The smartphone's unique ability to be easily transported wherever people go is great for location features on dating apps. Some apps show whenever you cross paths with people who have profiles on those apps. Others show how far away you are from other singles, helping you select one that doesn't live miles and miles away.

Your online dating profile is the first thing people see on mobile apps and desktop interfaces alike. First impressions mean a lot, so it's important to have a convincing dating profile. Let's look at several ways to beef up your online dating presence across various apps and interfaces. 

Utilize as many interfaces as possible

It's easy to understand that the wider net one casts, the more fish they're likely to catch. As such, hopeful singles should create profiles on each of the popular dating sites. Make sure to include a different profile picture on each one so other multi-application users won't recognize you as being on every dating program possible. If you do create many profiles, which you should, make sure to put equal amounts of effort into all of them to draw in as many dates as possible.

Craft appealing personal statements

Everybody has seen on the internet people using Tinder to woo potential dates with clever wordplay. As such, spend time making a quality personal statement that encompasses your hobbies, career goals, and personality - and make sure you showcase yourself well!

Choose well-lit, quality photos

People who don't take good pictures don't look as attractive as they actually are to browsers online. As such, others are outstanding at capturing quality photographs, and they get more dates online than they would in person. One way to take quality pictures is to ensure they're well-lit and feature flattering angles. Also, make sure you're dressed up well.

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