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How to keep your sanity when you don't like your date

When you jump back into the dating scene with the BYBER app after the end of a long relationship (or a long dry spell), you may need to polish your profile a time or two before you land the perfect partner. Plus, if you're out of practice, it's easy to say yes too quickly to the wrong person. Take note of the following tips to keep yourself on track when you're on one of "those" dates.

1. We're all anxious to make a great impression, but stay true to your normal look unless you’re a pro mud wrestler. Love your tattoos? Don't hide them. If you hide your sleeves with well, actual sleeves, you're committing a lie of omission, and you'll only feel more anxious.

2. If you make an instant judgment about your date, good or bad, acknowledge it (internally only, please), then set it aside. Reopen your mind for a few minutes so you can make an informed decision about this new person's potential. After all, this odd-looking guy or gal with an extra pinkie might be your soul mate.

3. Expect your date to be as nervous as you are. Don’t judge harshly if he dribbles gravy down his chin or if she nearly chokes on a sip of water. Nerves rob even the calmest person of coordination sometimes.

4. Have the courage to say no to an ongoing relationship. When you realize you don't have enough in common to become caring partners, be up front and say so. Too many of us end a first meeting with the promise to talk again. It seems like a small thing, but what if the unwanted loved one pesters you with calls? Do you tell polite lies until you’re standing at the altar? It's your life, not a Seinfeld episode.

5. Feel great about yourself, regardless of how the date goes. Even if that special click is missing, you can relax and enjoy meeting someone new. At worst, you've found a new dating story to tell your friends. The next time you open BYBER you could find THE ONE.

BYBER Team 😉

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