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How to let them down easy

In the world of dating, there are going to be times when you need to let someone know you aren't interested in them. This can be quite awkward and you may not know exactly how to let them down gently. Stick to a few basics and remember to be honest with them. If you learn how to deliver the news with tact, it will become easier in the future.

Not a match

OK, so you went on the first date and you were, well, underwhelmed. What do you do once you realize that you don't have a connection? This really depends on the situation at hand. If you make it to the destination and you really clash, you should politely let them know that there isn't chemistry and excuse yourself. Remember to maintain a friendly demeanor, even if they become agitated. If you want to finish the date without excusing yourself early, just remember to politely let them know that although you had a great time, you just don't think there was any real spark. They will usually appreciate your honesty. This also saves both of you the time and energy required to break the news at a later date. Say what you have to say, but consider their feelings and show respect.

Dealing with difficult dates

If you have a difficult date, you want to ensure you have a plan to get out of the situation safely. Have a friend you can call to "rescue" you by calling you away for some reason, or showing up unexpectedly. If your date becomes intoxicated, call a cab or a friend to come get you. Never ride with them anywhere after they have had a couple of drinks. When things just aren't working out for whatever reason, just remember to let them down easy to diffuse any potential situations and avoid any arguments. Difficult dates happen; it is necessary to be prepared to deal with them and get away from the situation. Always use your best judgment and remain prepared. Most importantly, don't let a bad date deter you. There are other great people out there that you will have a fun on a date with and not have to make an escape from.

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