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How to organize a bar crawl for friends met online

You may face challenges meeting new friends while juggling work and life. One way you can meet and have fun together is by organizing a pub crawl. This is an excellent social activity where a group of people or friends enjoy nightlife while engaging in a drinking spree. Here is how you can organize a successful pub or bar crawl.

Prepare a guide

Early preparations help you choose the best outlets to enjoy your evening. Consider places that don’t usually overcrowd since you’ll be moving in a group. Research and make inquiries that will guide your decisions, such as if the bar serves people in groups. Similarly, check the proximity of pubs to each other and select a route with minimal movement. You can use technology such as the Google Maps app to find best routes and design your movement patterns.

Have a theme

Drinking needs no theme, but having a theme will make it more fun. Do you have any new-found common interests that would work well, such as a favorite color? Branded hats or clothing can also help you identify each other quickly when in the wild and within a crowd. 

Include food

A commonly observed rookie mistake while pub crawling is avoiding anything that isn’t liquid. It is crucial to stop over for a meal or two as you engage in the adventure. Food acts as a good foundation for drinking and will prevent you from puking up and regretting why you even went out. Don’t skimp on food but remember to notify the group when it’s eating time.

Include fun games

Remember a pub crawl is not a sprint, but a marathon. Some of the games may sound silly, but they're meant for adults and can leave you in stitches. Try games such as fuzzy duck, three-legged crawl, rulebook, etc. Each activity should have adequate time. 

Don’t get wasted too early as everyone will remain clueless about what’s happening. Remember the main agenda is to build a relationship and bond, but drinks only form part of this experience. Try Byber, and you can end up meeting new friends.

BYBER Team 😉