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Keeping the conversation going with an online date

Most people who claim to have found love online will tell you that talking to your match for the first time is a terrifying experience at first, especially if they are beautiful. In fact, most studies show that many online relationships fail at the beginning because the participating parties freak out and start the conversation by telling lies aimed at building their financial and social character. 

Don't worry! There are already existing ways to keep a conversation going online, while still maintaining your personality:

Ask questions

Studies show that most people are comfortable talking about the things they know. Start the conversation by asking your match about who they are, where they're from, and what they do for a living - keeping personal safety in mind, of course. 

Some of the topics that you can concentrate on include work, family, interests, and generally whatever is socially acceptable within the society that the two of you live. The key is showing a lot of positivity while receiving these answers and reciprocating by telling them your take on the said topic.

Follow up on your conversations

The idea that the person you are talking to can recall some of the topics previously discussed is a desirable quality. It shows that you were not only listening, but also paying attention, especially to small things such remembering names and places mentioned within a conversation. This quality goes a long way in getting the person you are talking to open up to you. It also presents an excellent opportunity to begin a new topic of conversation.

Share about yourself, too

Periodically disclosing your day to the person you are talking to brings the person further into your life. Telling them about a crazy night out, the relationship between you and your family or how tired you are from a long day is very advisable. If things are going well between the two of you, don't shy away from asking for their phone number to keep in touch more easily, but always put safety first. Who knows? This might be the first step towards the next step: a face to face date!

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